Cheap Mexico Car Rental and Isabel Island

Cheap Mexico car rental travelers are always looking for new and exciting ways to extend their vacation experience in Mazatlan. So what's a tourist to do after they've lounged on the beach, browsed the shops and dined at the local eateries? Well, what about a boat tour to Isabel Island? Mazatlan travelers will find even more attractions on this beautiful Riviera Island, including everything from whale watching to hiking. One of Mexico's finest National Parks, Isabel Island is only a few hours away from the tropical paradise of Teacapan and the tourist haven of Mazatlan.

A national treasure is waiting for you on Isabel Island
Isabel Island is an exciting Mexico tourist attraction for a number of reason, not the least of which is its natural beauty. Located just two hours off the shore of Teacapan in the Mexican Riviera, Isabel Island is one of Mexico's untouched wonders. Recognized as one of the nation's finest National Parks, Isabel Island is home to hundreds of unique plant and animal species. From the water to the air and back down to earth, this exciting island is home to an endless number of natural secrets. Popular past times on Isabel Island include bird watching, snorkelling and scuba diving. Cheap Mexico car rental travelers can also arrange to take part in a whale watching tour around the island. Dolphins and sea lions can also be spotted off the island's coast, depending on the season.

Have a bird on Isabel Island
Isabel Island is one of the largest seabird nesting areas in the Pacific Ocean. A total of 9 species have been documented as nesting on the island, with more than 92 different species utilizing it as a feeding area. Birds that are commonly spotted on the island include the Brown Bobby, the Frigate Bird, the Sula Sula and the Sooty Tern. Isabel Island is the perfect place for seabirds to mate, feed and flourish, so what are you waiting for? Grab your bird book and some binoculars before making your way to Isabel Island on your upcoming cheap Mexico car rental vacation.

Watch out for the whales!
For centuries Humpback whales have been migrating to Isabel Island in order to breed. Cheap Mexico car rental travelers are invited to watch these majestic beasts as they bask in the warm Bahia de Banderas waves as part of an upcoming Isabel Island adventure. Tours are offered from November to March. Cheap Mexico car rental travelers are encouraged to reserve a ride with a responsible tour operator. These operators will follow established guidelines in order to ensure the safety of both the whales and tour passengers. All whale watching boat operators are required to have a permit in order to take part in sightseeing tours. Please ask to see your guide's permit prior to making your reservation.

This island is exploding with fun
So what makes Isabel Island such a natural wonder? Is it the crystal clear waters, the vibrant flowers or the lively wildlife? Well, all of these features are important, but not as important as the island's geological makeup. Isabel Island originated by strombolian volcanism centuries ago. Geological evidence on the island suggests that a number of volcanoes contributed to the island's creation and formation. Cheap Mexico car rental travelers are invited to explore the island's unique soil distribution, hiking atop lava, sand, clay and grass. No two areas of Isabel Island are alike, so don't miss your chance to investigate the entire area. You never know what you might find hidden in this island's ancient rock formations.

Isabel Island has long been recognized as one of the Pacific Ocean's most important ecological areas. If you plan to visit the island during your upcoming cheap Mexico car rental vacation, please refrain from littering or disturbing any of the local wildlife.

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