Mazatlan Discount Car Rental and Isla Marias

Get locked up in beautiful Mexico. On the archipelago consisting of four islands off the Pacific Coast of Mexico, you'll find one of Mexico's most infamous prisons. As well, you'll find beautiful wildlife, tourist friendly villages, and a spectrum of spectacular wildlife. These tiny islands are quickly growing in the eyes of tourists from around the world. On your next Mazatlan Discount Car Rental excursion, think outside of the box and visit Isla Marias. If you manage to reach these secluded islands, you might just find yourself locked up in their natural beauty. Mazatlan Discount Car Rental invites you to learn more about these picturesque, yet haunting islands.

We'd like to introduce you to Maria
Quite literally, we'd like to introduce you to the Marias on your next Mazatlan Discount Car Rental excursion. The northernmost island is the smallest of the archipelago, named San Juanito. It is the three main islands however, that are the Marias. The top island, Maria Madre is the largest spanning 227 kilometres squared. Four kilometres southeast, you'll find Isla Maria Magdalena, which is 129 square kilometres in size. Finally, Isla Maria Cleofas is the smallest and southernmost of the three main islands. Quite literally, these three islands were named after three Biblical Mary's or 'Marias': Mary, the mother of Jesus, Mary Magdalene, and Mary, the wife of Cleopas. On your next Mazatlan Discount Car Rental excursion, introduce yourself to the three Marias of Mexico's Pacific Coast.

Discover a whole new world
As you feel the warm ocean waters streaming across your face, keep your eyes peeled for the thousands of fish and underwater organisms that are now buzzing about you. Along with a housing one of the nation's largest prisons, the islands are now considered a Biosphere Reserve. If you are a nature lover, find a way to visit these unique and secluded islands on your next Mazatlan Discount Car Rental trip. Located 176 kilometres from the Mazatlan coast, these tiny islands are paradises for snorkelers and scuba divers. Swim with a plethora of fish species throughout colorful reefs and daunting rocks. For any nature lover, an escape to Isla Marias on your Mazatlan Discount Car Rental vacation is worth the adventure. Swimming in the free, clear, and picturesque waters is unlike any other natural experience in the world. Although you can see much of this scenic nation in your Mazatlan Discount car rental, it is these secluded islands that will show you the best this country has to offer.

Welcome to Mexico's Alcatraz
In terms of Mexican prisons, Islas Marias Federal Penal Colony is one of the most secure and secluded. It's hard to believe that the beautiful Isla Marias are home to a penal colony. Built in 1905, the prison itself is a sight to see for Mazatlan Discount car rental customers. Located on the Isla Maria Madre, this prison was once considered the pride of the government and escape proof. Over the years, however, approximately 70 convicts have in fact escaped Isla Marias Federal Penal Colony.

Find another hidden gem
It may seem like a strange place to visit, but Isla Marias is one of Mexico's finest hidden gems. Along Mexico's Pacific Coast, you'll find hidden beaches, surfer friendly beaches, and underwater paradises. On your next Mazatlan Discount Car Rental vacation, avoid the ordinary in search of the extraordinary. With a visit to the natural paradise on and surrounding the Isla Marias, you'll find exactly what you're looking for. An adventure awaits you in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean. Park your Mazatlan Discount Car Rental and enjoy an unforgettable journey into one of Mexico's most uncharted and picturesque regions.

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