Car Rentals Mexico and King David's Jungle Tours

Are you tired of participating in car rental Mexico sightseeing tours? Perhaps you're looking to embark on something totally new and exciting! If so, look no further than King David's Jungle tour, located just 4 miles outside of Mazatlan. The ideal tour for nature lovers of all ages, King David's Jungle Tour provides AGA Car Rentals' Mexico customers with a first hand look at some of the area's native habitat and indigenous wildlife. From turtles to tuna, King David's Jungle Tour provides travelers with a chance to explore the city's surrounding habitat from the safety of a certified tour boat. So grab a friend and get ready for an exciting waterway adventure care of the friendly tour guides at King David's Jungle Tour!

What You'll See
King David's Jungle Tour is specially designed to provide the customers of AGA Car Rentals Mexico with a variety of up-close animal encounters. From shrimp and sea hawks to osprey and herons, King David's Jungle Tour is bound to impress even the most critical of travelers! Tour participants will begin their afternoon adventure touring the Mazatlan Harbor before boarding King David's covered boat. The tour then continues down Mexico's largest mangrove estuary system, providing the customers of AGA Car Rentals Mexico with tons of stunning scenery and exceptional photo opportunities. While sailing down the stream remember to keep your eyes peeled for native waterfowl; hundreds of brown pelicans and blue herons migrate to this protected wildlife refuge every year, as well as sea hawks and osprey. Cruise ships can often be spotted off in the distance as well, along with Mexican navy boats and numerous other pleasure crafts.

Shoreline Fun
Once the cruise section of the tour is complete, customers of AGA Car Rentals Mexico are invited to stretch their legs along the shoreline, embarking on a short walking tour of the surrounding landscape. Tour participants are encouraged to explore the surrounding plantations, as well as their local collection of fresh grown fruits. Hungry tour-goers can even stop in at a local farm to purchase some tasty snacks and cool drinks. Once the group has had time to work out the kinks it's time to board King David's tour bus as the guides provide travelers with an exciting tour of the local coconut plantations before stopping off at King David's secluded private beach. Tour participants are provided with an hour and a half leisure time on the beach. Customers can take this time to embark on a variety of activities including horseback riding, sunbathing, scavenger hunting and picnicking. Customers of AGA Car Rentals Mexico are also encouraged to ask their King David's Jungle Tour guide about the local Sea Turtle Protection Group Program (SToP) which helps ensure the safety of the local turtle population.

The final leg of the tour includes an amazing jungle-style dinner, complete with Mexican rice, refried beans, homemade tortillas, fresh barbequed fish and coconut candy for desert. Once dinner is complete, tour participants will once again board King David's Tour boat, for their return boat trip. This journey often includes some live entertainment from the local pelican and frigate bird population so be sure to keep your cameras handy. Tour guides will provide you with fresh fish to feed the birds, many of whom will eat directly from your hands!

If you are interested in embarking on King David's Jungle Tour during your upcoming AGA Car Rentals Mexico vacation, please feel free to contact the company at or by phone at 52-669-914-1444. The cost for this tour is approximately $40 American and includes free beer and soft drinks. Tours are held every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Other King David Tours include the Stone Island Bay Cruise and an exciting Golf Package for the Estrella del Mar.

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