Car Hire Mexico and La Paz

Bury your toes in the warm sand of La Paz, Mexico and watch the sunset for another day. La Paz, which is Spanish for "The Peace," lives up to its name. This peaceful ocean oasis combines beautiful beaches, inviting people, exciting culture, and interesting attractions into one outstanding package. On your next car hire Mexico vacation, visit La Paz. With a population of more than 200,000 people, La Paz maintains a small town charm with big city amenities. If you're looking for an adventure, La Pazoffers a wide range of activities including sport fishing, snorkelling, scuba diving, and kayaking. For a more relaxing visit, enjoy a sun soaked beach, shopping for local treasures, or a visit to one of the many local museums. When you travel with AGA Car Hire Mexico, visit one of the country's premier destinations, La Paz.

Soak up the sun
Spend a relaxing afternoon on a sandy beach, or rev up your excitement level by taking to the water. Near La Paz's commercial dock, you'll find a number of outstanding white, sandy beaches. Sun bathe all day on Puerto Balandra beach or the popular Tecolote Beach. Park your car hire Mexico vehicle and enjoy your day at the beach. If you're looking to get out on the Sea of Cortez, you can choose from a day of sport fishing, snorkelling, kayaking, whale watching, or scuba diving. Keep your eyes peeled on your underwater adventure for sea lions, hammerhead sharks, and mantas. On your fishing adventure, reel in a monstrous tuna, marlin, or Dorado. La Paz is a prime AGA car hire Mexico destination for relaxation or adventure.

Stay and play in La Paz
A long day in the warm Mexico sun can take a lot out of a person. After a day on the beach or the water, rest your head and enjoy a rejuvenating night's sleep. La Paz is home to more than 40 fantastic accommodation options for your car hire Mexico vacation. As the top rated hotel by TripAdvisor, La Casa Jalisco is scenically located and affordably priced. Other fantastic lodging options in La Paz include Hacienda Del Sol, Las Gaviotas Resort, Club El Moro Hotel Suites, and Hotel Los Arcos. Whether you're staying for a single night, a week, or a month, there is a lodging option to fit your budget and style in La Paz. With AGA Car Hire Mexico, you're never far from an outstanding hotel, resort, or bed and breakfast in La Paz.

Ignite the fires of Mexico
Along the waterside in La Paz you'll hear traditional Mexican music, see Spanish dancing, and feel a cultural passion unseen in other North American destinations. One of the best parts about Mexico, and often the fieriest, is the Mexican cuisine. For the best Mexican dishes in town, try El Zarape, Las Tres Virgenes, or El Tecolote. Sit down and enjoy a delicious dish while watching a magical sunset over the Sea of Cortez. Ignite an unforgettable vacation in La Paz with AGA car hire Mexico.

Did we mention it was beautiful?
Beautiful people, beautiful sights, and beautiful weather. With an average yearly temperature of 75 Fahrenheit or 23 Celsius, you'll be driving your car hire Mexico vehicle with the windows rolled down. View the mushroom rock at Playa Balandra or tour one of the many ancient caves filled with spectacular paintings. La Paz is a paradise waiting to be discovered on your car hire Mexico excursion. Filled with outstanding water sports, shopping, dining, accommodations, clubs, ecotourism, beaches, and more, La Paz is the perfect destination for your next AGA car hire Mexico vacation.

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