Cheap Mexico car rental and La Paz Ecotourism

For years, Mexico has been getting a bad vacation destination reputation. Abused by college students looking to drink and party, Mexico has lost much of its eco-tourism feel. Luckily, there are still places along the Baja that cater specifically to eco-savvy tourists. So forget about tequila shots and wet t-shirt contests. It's time to explore the natural beauty of the La Paz in your cheap Mexico car rental.

A position of environmental importance
La Paz is located in a geographically unique location, allowing visitors in cheap Mexico car rental vehicles with a plethora of travel options. To the west, travelers will find the shores and islands of the Pacific Ocean; to the east, the Sea of Cortez and it's sprinkling of islands. What's more, you're only three and a half hours from the coastal lagoon of Magdalena Bay, one of the Baja's most unique environmental locations. Eco-tourism offerings are diverse in all three areas, providing cheap Mexico car rental travelers with a wealth of activities to choose from.

A desert hideaway for cheap Mexico car rental travelers
One of the main environmental features of La Paz is the surrounding desert landscape. Unique and beautiful, this steaming ecosystem is home to endless surprises. Flora like cardon, primitive cirios and elephant trees have evolved endemic characteristics over the centuries, thanks to their relative isolation. More than 4,000 different types of plants can be found in the desert, including some frightfully thorny specimens. Cheap Mexico car rental travelers will also discover a wide variety of birds in the desert, including migratory species. Hawks, wrens and woodpeckers are all common to the area, as is the great roadrunner. Animals like coyotes, pumas, desert mice and foxes are also abundant in the desert.

Beaches of plenty
Whether you're looking to work on your tan or discover hidden coastal lagoons, there's no denying the sheer magnificence of the La Paz coastline. The Pacific Ocean of Baja California Sur, which is located within minutes of La Paz, is simply stunning, providing cheap Mexico car rental travelers with seemingly endless expanses of white sand. Cheap Mexico car rental travelers will find fantastic surf as close as Todos Cantos or Cerritos, just an hour from La Paz's downtown area.

Dive into discovery
The southern-most portion of the Sea of Cortez is home to more than eight hundred different species of fish, making it one of the most popular snorkelling areas in the world. Several dolphin pods also reside in the area, along with giant mantas, whale sharks and pilot whales. Want to stay dry during your cheap Mexico car rental vacation? Then why not embark on an exciting kayaking adventure to the Espiritu Santo Island? More adventurous travelers may also enjoy the longer paddle journeys from Loreto, down the coast and into the islands off La Paz.

Gear up for an eco adventure
Cheap Mexico car rental travelers will find a number of first-class eco-tourism outfitters based in La Paz. These tour operators include:

• Mar Y Aventures (toll free at 1-800-355-7140)
• Moorings (toll free 1-800-535-7289)
• Aereo Calafia (624-143-4255)

Each of these tour providers operates in such a way as to preserve La Paz's natural resources for future visitors. So whether you're hiking through desert canyons or snorkelling with sea lions, you can rest assured that footprints and bubbles are all that you're leaving behind. Cheap Mexico car rental travelers are also encouraged to check out the Baja's N.C. Natural Protected Areas. For more information on these unspoiled wonders, please call 612-128-4170.

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