Car Rentals Mexico and Lookout Mountain

If you're looking to make your upcoming AGA Car Rentals Mexico vacation extra special, look no further than the towering peak of Lookout Mountain in Mazatlan Mexico! This tremendous mountain is one of the regions most magnificent natural landmarks, providing travelers with breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape and neighboring settlements. Also known as "El Mirador" by the locals, Lookout Mountain is located minutes from the city's downtown area creating an exciting vacation destination for most any AGA Car Rentals Mexico traveler. An important part of the local landscape and culture, Lookout Mountain continues to rank as one of the city's most popular natural attractions, so why waste your vacation visiting another less-important landmark? Visit the mountain that's got everyone talking – visit the El Mirador Mountain today!

Local Attractions
Lookout Mountain is currently part of an extensive tourist attraction along the city's coastal landscape. Other attractions in the area include the Cerro de la Nevera Mountain as well as the El Faro Lighthouse. Customers of AGA Car Rentals Mexico can reach anyone of these three major landmarks by car and/or taxi provided the weather is clear and the roads are open. View from the top of Lookout Mountain, as well as the Cerro de la Nevera Mountain are absolutely stunning, encompassing older section of Mazatlan, as well as the northern beaches that extend along the coastline. Customers of AGA Car Rentals Mexico can also enjoy a breathtaking view of the city's sparkling harbor from the area's third promontory, the El Faro Lighthouse. This amazing 505 foot tall naturally occurring structure is currently billed as the highest natural lighthouse in the Western Hemisphere, providing seafaring night travelers with an endless ray of reassuring light. Energetic travelers can choose to leave their AGA Car Rentals Mexico rent-a-car at the foot of Lookout Mountain before embarking on a hiking journey to the El Faro Lighthouse summit, a passage that takes most travelers approximately one half of an hour.

The El Mirador Name
Numerous establishments in and around Mazatlan currently feature the El Mirador name, highlighting the mountains immense importance to the local residents and city culture. From the El Mirador Hotel and RV Park on the Sonora Coast to the Hotel El Mirador in Acapulco, the El Mirador name continues to be synonymous with opulence and prestige. One of the most spectacular El Mirador venues is that of the El Mirador Restaurant located directly across from the El Faro Lighthouse in downtown Mazatlan. Located atop one of the regions plentiful hills, the El Mirador restaurant provides customers with a stunning view of the surrounding city, as well as the neighboring Lookout Mountain and marina. Built atop an old fort, the El Mirador restaurant features an authentic Mexican menu including tons of fresh seafood and chicken dinners. If you're interested in dining at the El Mirador Restaurant during your upcoming car rentals Mexico vacation AGA highly recommends reserving a table during the early evening period (between 7:00 and 8:00pm). Customers inside the restaurant at this time are often treated to a dazzling sunset display, bathing the surrounding landscape in a rich array of reds, purples and pinks. To reach the El Mirador simply follow the Sabalo Centro bus line all the way to the very end of the route. Park your AGA Car Rentals Mexico rent-a-car and turn right – you should be able to distinguish the restaurant high above you. The only way to reach the restaurant is by climbing hundreds of carved stone steps that are chiseled into the embankment. The climb is definitely backbreaking, but don't worry – both the view and the food are well worth the strain! You'll know you've reached the top once you spy the restaurant's historic cannon. It rests directly outside the establishment's dining area.

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