Mexican Car Rentals and Los Mochis

The prosperous city of Los Mochis is located in the northern section of the Sinaloa State in the Ahome Municipality. Here you will find beautiful natural scenery, busy streets and lots of culture! Los Mochis is an unforgettable Mexican retreat that features a variety of amazing local attractions like the Maviri beach, the port of Topolobampo, and some of the most beautiful natural ravines in the country! Los Mochis is also steeped in a rich history dating back to the turn of the 20th century when a young civil engineer envisioned the city f the future and a world class transportation hub. Today the city is a thriving area of activity, rich in culture and Mexican pride. AGA Rent-A-Car is proud to provide quality Mexican car rentals to local residents and visiting tourists, while at the same time providing helpful vacation information. In this section of the AGA Rent-A-Car website you'll find plenty of travel tips on the city ofLos Mochis, including dining ideas, local attractions and great accommodations!

Los Mochis' beautiful location between mountain ranges and beside the ocean makes for an absolutely breathtaking vacation destination. Los Mochis is filled with wonderful attractions including the Valley of the Fort Regional Museum, the Botanical Park Sinaloa and the Sanctuary of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Beautiful cascading waterfalls, mountain ranges and beaches can be found throughout this city along with modern skyscrapers and millions of lights! The Island of Farallon is by far one of the most beautiful natural attractions in the Los Mochis area. This beautiful island is located right off the coast of the Maviri beach, and is home to a variety of marine life including sea lions and seals! From Maviri beach the Island of Farallon is absolutely stunning during a sunset, so graba beach towel and get ready for a romantic sight!

Driving through the city of Los Mochis in your Mexican car rental is truly an unforgettable experience. If you're in the northern region of the community, make sure to watch out for the wildlife - this area is the winter home for thousands of northern birds immigrating from Canada and the US! There are also numerous indigenous groups, and ceremonial centers in Los Mochis, along with wonderful hunting grounds, fisheries and parks. Los Mochis also offers some of the best restaurants in the area which include menus brimming with authentic Mexican meals, seafood delicacies and American beef.

If you're interested in taking a short drive in your Mexican car rental make sure to check out the port town of Topolobampo. A short 15 mile drive in your Mexican car rental is all that separates you from this important Pacific hub of activity. Here you'll find marine sanctuaries, natural paradises and commercial programs working together to create a safe and functioning environment. Los Mochis is also a departure point for the legendary Chihuahua al Pacifico railroad. This railroad was the first railroad to turn a truly international transportation vision into a reality, so make sure to hop aboard and enjoy a tour. Riding the Chihuahua railroad is the only true way to see the Los Mochis scenery, so give that Mexican car rental a rest. This dramatic tour will take you over 39 bridges and through 87 tunnels, all from the comfort of a luxury railcar!

If you're feeling a little home sick during your trip to Los Mochis make sure to check out the "Colonia Americana" - the American residential district. Here you'll find beautifully restored houses that feature typical American architecture. This district is totally different from all other areas of the city, adding unique character to the Los Mochis landscape.

AGA Rent-A-Car encourages you to visit the city of Los Michos during your trip to Mexico; the mixture of stunning natural beauty and modern technology makes for a brilliant vacationing experience!

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