Los Mochis Accomodations

When traveling with your Mexico car rental AGA Rent A Car the last thing you want to worry about is living in accommodations that seem more like a bad dream. Have no fear, your Mexico car rental is here! You no longer need to worry about deciding Los Mochis accommodations. AGA Rent A Car has graciously researched and reviewed the accommodations in Los Mochis and now offer you the best...

For those on vacation...
Best Western Los Mochis - what better way to experience the history of Los Mochis then actually living there? Located in the heart of the city's historical center, the Best Western Los Mochis amenities include family rooms, room service, golf, swimming pool, business center, restaurant, meeting rooms, non-smoking rooms, data port and more.
Address: Av. Alvaro, Obregon No. 691 Pte, 81200 Los Mochis, Mexico

For those on business...
Hotel El Dorado - Forget the early morning rush to get to the business meeting. Perfect for those traveling on business with their Mexico car rental AGA Rent A Car. The Hotel El Dorado is located near the Business District. For those looking for a a great price considering the location, the Hotel El Dorado is the answer. Rates range from $74.00 to $74.00 per night.
Address: G. Leyva 525, Norte & Heriberto, 81200 Los Mochis, Mexico

And for those who are just looking for a great place to stay... Hotel Plaza Inn - everything you could possibly need in your hotel and more. The Hotel Plaza Inn offers amenities such as meeting rooms, 24 hour business center, fitness room, spa, convention center (which can fit up to 1200 people), bar with live music, and a ballroom. With a commitment to a first class experience for guests and their attention to detail, the Hotel Plaza Inn will definitely be one of your most comfortable stays when on vacation with your Mexico car rentals AGA Rent A Car. Your Mexico car rental also highly recommends the fine Mexican and international cuisine that the hotel offers. Rates range from $90.00 to $145.00 per night.
Address : Leyva Y Cardenas, 81200 Los Mochis, Mexico

Posada Del Hidalgo
To add some charm to your stay when with your Mexico car rental AGA Rent A Car visit the historic hostelry that is the Posada Del Hidalgo. A blend of colonial mansion and modern, the Posada Del Hidalgo offers its guest a gorgeous tropical garden and swimming pool. As famous as the Posada Del Hidalgo's lodgings is its fine foods, your Mexico car rental highly recommend for you to try the crayfish and bass filets which are all caught locally. With only 50 rooms, makes sure to make reservations beforehand as the Posada Del Hidalgo is fairly popular among tourists. Click here to begin your booking online. Nightly rates range from $175.00 to $302.00.
Address: Hidalgo & 5 de Mayo, Los Mochis, Mexico

Colinas Resort Hotel
The Colinas Resort Hotel offers perfect accommodations for those traveling with children. On the hotel property, amusement park rides are offered to smaller children, as well as tennis courts, basketball courts, volleyball courts, and not one but TWO swimming pools with giant water slides.
Address: Carr International No 15, Los Mochis, Mexico

Hotel Santa Anita
Comfort and elegance is what makes the Hotel Santa Anita a popular hotel. Conveniently located only 14 miles from the international airport, the Hotel Santa Anita has several partnering with the local tour groups including duck and dove hunting, tours of the Copper and Urique Canyon Mountain Hideaways, bass fishing, deep sea fishing, and dolphin sighting tours.
Address: Leyva E. Hidalgo, Los Mochis, 81200 Mexico

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