Los Mochis Beaches

The coastal city of Los Mochis is located in northern Sinaloa Mexico with a population of 400 000 as of 2000. Today the "El Fuerte valley" has become the major agricultural area of Mexico with over 70% of its land irrigated and producing sugar can, cotton, rice, flowers, and other types of vegetables. The valley also produces the largest amounts of mangoes in Mexico. Another important part of the Mexican economy is the port of Topolobampo, famous for its delectable shrimp. Just a stone throw away are the long, flat beaches of Los Mochis, opposite of the Sea of Cortez. The Maviri, Punta de Copas, and Las Hamacas are the homes to a variety of marine animals. If you have the time, your Mexico car rental AGA Rent A Car highly recommends that you take a boat from the Topolobampo bay to see the colony of seals and sea lions at the Farallon de San Ignacio beach.

When in Rome do as the Romans do...
There is a popular saying, "When in Rome do as the Romans do". To fully experience the true Los Mochis when with your Mexico car rental AGA Rent A Car, you definitely have to take this saying into heart! Among the local youth in Los Mochis, a popular activity is "Leyvazo" which is where people park their cars or cruise along Leyva Boulevard in downtown Los Mochis. Another popular past time is going out for a drink or having a barbeque underneath the poplar trees that line the highway to Topolbampo Bay. However, probably the most popular activity of the locals is visiting the El Maviri beach. This semi-desert island is a popular Los Mochis tourist attraction. The El Maviri is a beautiful place to take a swim. The gentle waves and cool breeze lulls any person into a dreamlike trance. Also a tip from your Mexico car rental AGA Rent A Car, make sure to stay for the sunset, it is absolutely breathtaking. With the array of colors hitting the clear waters it is definitely a sight to see. When traveling with your Mexico car rental AGA Rent A Car they highly recommend you sit down and enjoy a meal of the fresh seafood delicacies that are offered by the local restaurants nearby the beach.

For more fun in the sun...
A little further away from the Los Mochis beach area is Sinaloa's main tourist destination attraction, the Mazatlan. Mazatlan is a popular beach resort area located on the Pacific Ocean coast. The 3 mile white beach which is called North Beach (Playa Norte) is popular among the locals, so if you're looking for some quiet time, try to avoid the weekends and instead opt for visiting during the weekdays. The North Beach is a great beach for bringing the kids as the waves are usually small. For those looking for a little adventure, head on down to Valentino's Disco beach. Where the waves are bigger and meaner, this beach is every surfers dream for a day of challenges and fun.
For beaches more in the tourist areas, there is the Playa Camaron and Playa Gaviotas. Major hotels are located nearby and so you will find many tourist activities for adults and children between the two beaches.
The Olas Atlas Beach means "Big Wave" and big waves are what you will find here. In fact the waves are so big that this beach is not recommended for any swimming as the currents are strong and waves are...well...BIG. However, feel free to bathe in the warmth in the sun at the Olas Atlas. The quaint cafes located on the Malecon is also a great place where you watch the surfers tackle the waves as you put your feet up and relax with an ice cold beer or soft drink.

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