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Mexican cuisine is famous for its intense flavors, hot spices, and color. Today, most of Mexican's cuisine has a history of pre - Hispanic traditions (examples include the Aztecs and Maya). The rich colors that has become a tradition in Mexican foods is because the foods grown locally are naturally a variety in color, such as red peppers, green peppers, chile pepper, broccoli, cauliflower, and radishes all mixed with variety of Mexican meat options including chicken, beef, and lamb. Depending on the region, local climate and geography can have a pretty big impact in what is "traditional" Mexican food. For example, north of Mexico is known for its meat dishes (especially its beef), while southwestern Mexico is popular for is spicy vegetables and chicken dishes. For the rarer dishes that are harder to find are the ones cooked in Aztec or Maya style or more commonly known as pre - Hispanic foods. Common ingredients include iguana, rattlesnake, deer, spider monkey and a variety of insects.

The dangers of the Mexican cuisine...
The last thing you want to be doing when on your Mexico vacation with your Mexico car rental AGA Rent A Car is to find yourself spending hours on end in the washroom. Who hasn't heard the bad jokes about what happens to a person after bad food? How about bad food from a Mexican restaurants? Yes, it just got worse, a lot worse. But you need not fear anymore. Your stomach is safe when traveling with your Mexico car rental AGA Rent A Car. Below is a compilation of what your Mexico car rental AGA Rent A Car has deemed "safe". So eat freely and with gusto and without fear!
Restaurant Veronica - Mexican at its best, the Restaurant Veronica serves traditional Mexican foods. When with your Mexico car rental AGA Rent A Car you must definitely try out their quesadillas (it will be the best quesadilla you've ever tasted, guaranteed!). For the vegetarians, the Restaurant Veronica offers a great vegetarian plate, sautéed fajita style veggies. With great dining for the least amount of money, what are you waiting for?
Margarita's - mingle with the locals at this small bar. Offering the best prices in alcoholic beverages and finger foods, Margarita's is the place to be. It's easy to find as it always has the nosiest crowd. So be warned, this bar is not for the faint of heart. If you're not into slightly cramped surroundings and cigarette smoke, you should avoid this place.
Tio Molcas - offering the traditional Mexican fair of steaks, chicken and seafood, the Tio Molcas is a popular restaurant among the locals. If you choose to come here, definitely order something from the seafood family, you will not be disappointed. Telephone: (145) 6 - 0033
Laylo's Lounge - The Laylo's Lounge is perfect for that after meal drink served by the friendly bartenders. Serving national and international drinks, the Laylo's Lounge is a comfortable hangout for the locals to chat and just hang out. Telephone: (145) 6 - 0136

A little closer to home...
Pizza del Rey - is a great local pizza joint for those looking for foods closer to home. Serving toppings that are locally grown, expect only the freshest ingredients. They offer the traditional pizzas and toppings.
Chamonix Restaurant and Café - The Chamonix Restaurant and Café is a charming little restaurant that serves an excellent cup of java. Feel free to relax in this low key restaurant / café and make sure to have a warm pastry with that cup of freshly brewed coffee. Telephone: (145) 6 – 0277

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