Mexico Car Hire and a Los Mochis Fishing Guide

The state of Sinaloa has a characteristic feature that is unique in the region: agriculture. One of the reasons this activity is so fruitful in this area is because of the Fuerte River, which irrigates in the region of Los Mochis, which is found in northern Sinaloa. When you are here with your Mexico car hire, there is also a lot of fishing outings that you can take place in. With your Mexico car rental, you can visit the port of Topolobampo only 14.9 miles from here. This port is one of the most famous in the Mexican Pacific for its fishing activities. Shrimp is the catch of the day here, and you too can experience it.

One heck of a day: sport fishing
Los Mochis is known for its sport fishing, which is a great activity to try with your Mexico car hire. The Sea of Cortez makes this a great area to visit for everyone, not just fishers. We-a-line tours offers exotic fishing adventures for you if you would like to visit with your Mexico car hire.

Out to sea
There are deep fishing tours on the sea of Cortez. One tour company offers deep sea fishing off a yacht as well as a cruise to Farallon Island when you visit with your Mexico car hire. They will take you out to catch marlin, dorado, sailfish, wahoo, bonito, and yellowtail. The boat is equipped with rod and reels that you may need if you catch a big one. You can have your fish frozen for you by the charter operator, but you should check with your airline to see what rules apply for cooler transport before packing it up in your Mexico car hire.

All aboard the scenic train
The Chihuahua al Pacifico Railroad connects northern Mexican states. Leaving behind your Mexico car hire to get on the train will give you great perspective of the region from an angle you may not be familiar with. Sometimes call the "Train Ride in the Sky" because of all of the bridges that you will cross in the Sierra Mountains of northwestern Mexico (not to mention the 87 tunnels). The railroad crosses 400 miles, even going across the Copper Canyon, a beautiful series of canyons that make some people call this the most scenic railroad trip on the continent. The trains run twice daily for you to leave behind your Mexico car hire. One is a longer, less expensive train that makes many stops, while the other is a direct service created mainly for tourists. On the way from Los Mochis to Chihuahua, it runs through El Fuerte, Temoris, Bahuichivo, Posada Barrancas, Davisadero, and Creel among other stops.

Fishing is one of the favorite activities of Los Mochis, with many tour operators in the city ready to offer you a deal to take you out on the water. When you visit with Mexico car hire you will not be disappointed to relax on the boat, whether you like to fish or not.

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