Rent a Car in Mexico and Los Mochis Sailing

Los Mochis is an inland town near the Port of Topolobampo on the west coast of Mexico. With your rent a car Mexico, you can easily travel between these two destinations. If you would like to take a mini-tip from the adventures of Los Mochis and nearby Copper Canyon, then make the trip to Topolobampo with your rent a car Mexico.

Climb the ladder
Officials in Mexico are trying to make the Baja Peninsula more attractive to boaters and they have come up with the Nautical Route Project. Nicknamed the Nautical Ladder, it is a way for you to explore they area by leaving your rent a car Mexico on shore and taking to the sea. Marinas along the northwest mainland coast are being upgraded for your convenience and pleasure.

Ride the rails
Copper Canyon is one of the area's biggest attractions. Four times larger than the Grand Canyon, this is a worthwhile trip with your rent a car Mexico. The preferred way to see the Canyon is on the Copper Canyon Train, which leave Los Mochis twice a day and goes to Chihuahua. On the way from Los Mochis to Chihuahua, it runs through El Fuerte, Temoris, Bahuichivo, Posada Barrancas, Davisadero, and Creel among other stops.

The ride will take you over 39 bridges and through 87 tunnels. At its peak, you will be 8056 feet above the Sea of Cortez. Some people call this the most scenic railroad trip on the continent. This is one of the most extraordinary railroads in the western Hemisphere; it truly is an engineering feat.

Another day trip you can make without your rent a car Mexico is the trip to Baja. There is a ferry that leaves from Topolobampo to La Paz in Baja California Sur. The beaches here are some of the best in Mexico.

Come stay with us
Staying in Los Mochis with your rent a car Mexico is both easy to organize and comfortable. The hotels here are reasonably priced and they are within driving distance to Topolobampo and the water activities there.

Topolobampo Bay has a wonderful landscape that should not be missed with your rent a car Mexico. Across from the bay there is a sandbar where spectacular beaches can be found. Most of the activities here center around the ocean and enjoying it. Los Mochis is known for its sport fishing, which is a great activity to try at Topolobampo. We-a-line tours offers exotic and safe fishing adventures that you may want to consider.

Most of the water activities, including sailing, take place near Los Mochis in the port town of Topolobampo. With your rent a car Mexico this is only a short drive away.

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