Los Mochis Shopping

The Los Mochis area has an abundance of souvenir shops. When traveling with your Mexico car rental AGA Rent A Car make sure you fine tune your bargaining skills before you begin to shop. Although prices seem to be pretty low, if you know how to bargain you can definitely get a better deal and return home with a suitcase full of unique treasures of Mexico. Some tips on bargaining from your Mexico car rental AGA Rent A Car:
• Act cool and confident even though you may be feeling likewise, otherwise you will easily be cheated
• Before you begin your bargain, think about how much you are willing to pay and remain firm
• Always keep note of the exchange rate, you may find yourself haggling over a couple dollars. In the end, you may save a few pennies but those pennies could mean a lot more to the local.
• And the Golden Rule: Never ever feel bad for bargaining at low prices, locals would never sell their wares if they were not gaining a profit
Remember to browse around when shopping because it will almost be guaranteed that you will find the exact same souvenir for a cheaper price. The typical Mexican souvenirs can be found almost anywhere on the streets of Los Mochis including the popular sombreros, jewelry, t-shirts, and other quality gifts.

Things for the kitchen...
When in Los Mochis with you Mexico car rental AGA Rent A Car don't miss out on your chance to purchase authentic Mexican clayware and stoneware. The local works of the handmade ceramic wares are usually made with a potter's wheel. Based on a desired outcome, different techniques are used to mold the clay to the potter's desire. Once the potter has finished molding the clay, they use a glazing technique, which will eventually give a sheen to the ceramic wares. It then goes through a process called firing, which basically is an extremely hot oven. Once the ceramic ware is done cooking and then cooled, traditional Mexican painting patterns are done. These beautifully decorated Mexican ceramic wares are usually a light reddish brown in color with green handles, and various white geometric patterns.

Shop till you drop with your Mexico car rental...
The malls of Los Mochis are actually quite similar to the typical North American mall with gourmet coffee shops, music stores, and electronic stores. Most malls include at least one large chain department store which can carry everything from toys, makeup, fragrances, watches, clothing and anything else you would expect to find in a department store in the United States. A major difference is their move theatres which are very top notch.

Going the distance...
If you travel a little farther to Los Mochis' surrounding areas you will actually find a lot more variety in shops and other traditional Mexican items.
• Sea Shell City - You will definitely be amazed when you arrive at Sea Shell City. The enormous collection of sea shells come in a variety of designs such as picture frames, jewelry and other decorative objects. Something truly unique to bring back from your trip to Mexico and is way better then that Mexico t-shirt.
• Sideout - If you have forgotten something you need on a trip to the beach Sideout s the place to go. Offering sports clothing, accessories, and other casual wear to make your trip to the beach comfortable.
• Maya - A one stop shop for all the souvenirs you will ever need, Maya offers a one of a kind Mexican collection and antique arts.

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