Machado Square

Known as the heart of Mazatlán, the Machado Square (or the Plazuela Machado) is located about two blocks south and one block west of Mazatlán's City Hall. This busy area of Old Mazatlán is filled with all kinds of wonderful sights and sounds as hundreds of tourists pack the shop-lined streets. Named after a Filipino immigrant, Juan Machado, the square is a lively, yet dignified area dedicated to providing visitors with a haven of serenity in a city based on chaotic fun. Once the center of commercial business in Mazatlán, the Plazuela is now known as the cities cultural heartland, boasting a myriad of historical establishments and significant landmarks. Machado Square is also home to numerous restaurants, outdoor cafés and traditional Mexican shops, so be sure to stop by in your upcoming AGA car rental. Mexico is a land rich in history, so don't miss your chance to learn everything Mazatlán has to offer – stop by the Machado Square during your upcoming trip and get ready to experience Mexico like never before!
The Plazuela Machado is a must-visit for anyone planning on reserving a vehicle from AGA Rent-A-Car Car Rentals Mexico. This little square of Mazatlán has long played a pivotal role in the city's dynamic, housing the annual Carnaval celebration each and every February. The Plazuela is surrounded by age old buildings and even cobbled streets, creating an intimate atmosphere unheard of in most Mexican locales. The tree-lined sidewalks are overflowing with wonderful attractions including nightly musical acts, art schools and traditional dance clubs, while the surrounding areas ooze a bohemian charm of fun and excitement. Located between the historical Teatro Angela Peralta and the Casa de los Portales, the Plazuela Machado is a must-visit for anyone looking to get away from the hectic Mazatlán party scene.

Restaurants in the Plazuela
If you're feeling hungry during your visit to the Plazuela Machado, don't even think about driving away in your vehicle rental from AGA Rent-A-Car Car Rentals Mexico! The north side of the Plazuela Machado is overflowing with wonderful dining establishments, specializing in everything from succulent seafood to courageous cocktails! One of the most famous restaurants in the area is that of Pedro y Lola's, which is named after Pedro Infante Cruz and Lola Belran, two famous Mazatlán musicians. Pedro y Lola's is highly recognized for their marvelous renditions of traditional Sinaloa dishes including their famous guacamole, and tortilla soup. Pedro y Lola's is also home to a myriad of local artwork, which is used to decorate the restaurant's many walls. All of this area work is for sale, so please feel free to ask your server about the artworks history and price.

The Teatro Angela Peralta
The Angela Peralta Theater is located on the south side of the plaza amongst a variety of other 19th century neo-classical buildings. Named after a beautiful, young starlet who died after her only performance in Mazatlán, the Teatro Angela Peralta is an impressive achievement of architecture and design. Today the building hosts a variety of musical and dramatic affairs as well as housing many of the Sinaloa State's cultural festivities throughout the year.
The Machado Square will always be a beacon of pulsating life within the area of Old Mazatlán, so be sure to check it out in your rental vehicle from AGA Rent-A-Car Car Rentals Mexico. Warm breezes and mouthwatering fragrances radiate from this area, along with classical melodies and traditional song. So whether you're looking to join in the fun or relax along a park bench, the Plazuela Machado is the perfect place to enjoy the cultural side of Mazatlán. Stay tuned to the AGA Rent-A-Car Car Rentals Mexico website for more upcoming information on other area attractions in the Mazatlán region including Mazatlán Golfing, and the scenic Cooper Canyon!

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