The Malecon is the waterfront street that stretches from the Golden Zone all the way to Old Town and further in Mazatlán. You can travel this street for miles with your car rental in Mazatlán, Mexico to find restaurants, nightclubs, hotels, and stores.

A mini get-away
The Malecon is a nice get-away from the other tourists and noise that is always present in the Golden Zone. Just up the road with your car rental in Mazatlán, Mexico you will find out more about what local life is like here, rather than just the vacation you are experiencing. You can eat a small, locally-owned restaurants eating the fresh seafood the city is known for while sitting under a palapa on the beach. There are also many artistic monuments along the road as you pass by with your car rental in Mazatlán, Mexico.
Make sure that you stop by the levee of the Malecon while the sun sets over the Pacific Ocean for a breath-taking view of the water.

Plan an adventure
If you are very adventurous, you may want to leave your car rental in Mazatlán, Mexico and take a walk from Valentino's at the south end of the Golden Zone all the way to Old Town. This trip is only 2-4 miles, but it may take up to 2 hours to walk the whole way there. Make sure to bring sunscreen and bottled water with you, as it gets pretty hot in the sun!
In the Old Town, there is a beautiful cathedral, built in the late 19th century. The experience in Old Town is a little bit of what it is like to live in Mexico rather than the Mexico that you may often see. While you are here, you can also visit the Mercado, an open market. It is only block south of the Cathedral and the Plaza that is next door. The buildings here are from colonial times and the turn of the century, giving the Old Town a quaint feel.

The new Old Town
Not everything in the Old Town is old. The Mazatlán Aquarium is a nice trip with your car rental in Mazatlán, Mexico. There are over 200 species of fish here. Also nearby is "La Vinata", the only tequila distillery in the state of Sinaloa. Take a tour of the distillery and you may just walk away with a few bottles of tequila as a souvenir.
The Malecon is a tour that will take you from your hotel in the Golden Zone all the way to the Old Town and beyond. As you travel farther from the Golden Zone, you will save a little money and learn a lot about life in Mexico. While you are in Old Town, there are many activities - from visiting the old Cathedral and the market to the modern aquarium and distillery. Kick off your shoes and take a stroll down the beach or take a ride in your car rental in Mazatlán, Mexico. It is a great opportunity to get away from the noise and regular routine.

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