AGA Rental Car Mazatlan Mexico and Mangos Bar, Acapulco

Looking for a cool night in red-hot Mexico? Look no further thanMangos Bar. Mangos is one of Acapulco's top discos and is a favorite stop for AGA rental cars in Mazatlan Mexico costumers. Mangos is famous for having great music and videos in a laid-back environment. Located in Acapulco's golden zone, there's always something going on in and around Mangos. Unlike other crazy Acapulco bars, Mangos offers a more relaxed and adult friendly atmosphere. Pull up a chair, grab an ice cold drink, listen to the music, and enjoy your night.

A treat for the eyes and ears
At most bars, you're forced to listen to the same old hip-hop and dance music over and over. When you visit Mangos with AGA rental cars in Mazatlan Mexico, expect something different. Mangos plays an eclectic mix of pop and rock music from yesterday and today. Why not sing along or get up and dance? One unique feature of Mangos is that it not only plays outstanding music, but the bar broadcasts videos for the songs on its many television screens. When you visit Mangos with AGA Rental Cars in Mazatlan Mexico, get ready for a fun filled evening.

Start or Finish your night at Mangos
Have a few drinks to start your night or claim a table and stay a while. Mangos is the perfect place to start your night. Sit down with friends and enjoy a cold beverage before heading to the disco. Mangos is located at the center of Acapulco's nightlife scene and is the ideal place to start your night on the town. Stroll down the beach at La Condesa and get intoMangos Bar. If you're not interested in the crazy atmosphere at most Acapulco discos, Mangos is a great place to spend your entire evening. With no cover charge, and delicious food, it makes sense to stay at Mangos. Mangos Bar is also widely known for having extremely friendly and helpful staff.

Beware of sharks
Even though Mangos is located directly on the beach, it isn't the sharks in the water you should be aware of. Mangos is one of the only pub style Bars in Acapulco's golden zone. That being said, Mangos is also one of the only bars in the area featuring pool tables. Beware of pool sharks as you try your luck on the table. Offered free of charge, you can play pool in the basement of Mangos. When you travel with AGA Rental Cars in Mazatlan Mexico, enjoy your evening filled with good drinks, food, friends, and pool at Mangos Bar.

Hints for a great evening at Mangos
• Arrive early: Mangos features a maximum capacity of 300, which by Acapulco standards is relatively small. If you want a good table, or a spot at the bar, arrive early. A good rule is to show up before 10pm to have any hope of claiming a table.
• Plan ahead: Don't leave yourself in a bad situation when you drive with AGA Rental Cars in Mazatlan Mexico. Plan for your night and don't drink and drive. From many Acapulco hotels, Mangos is only a short walk or taxi ride. If you still choose to drive, please have a designated driver.
• Dress comfortably: Unlike the many swanky, socially elite clubs in Acapulco, Mangos is a place that you can dress comfortably and casually. Enjoy the climate inside your AGA rental cars in Mazatlan Mexico vehicle and the air conditioning inside Mangos.
• Travel with AGA rental cars in Mazatlan Mexico: If you don't speak the language and don't know where you're going, Mexico can be a difficult country to navigate. However, when you travel with AGA rental cars in Mazatlan Mexico you have a team of friendly employees to support you.

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