Mexican Car Rentals and Mazatlan Airport

Welcome to the Mazatlan Airport page! All incoming flights to Mazatlan, Mexico are received at the Mazatlan International Airport, better known as the Rafael Bucina International Airport. This airport is located about 40 kilometers or just over 25 miles from the heart of Mazatlan. AGA Rent-A-Car is proud to be one of the top Mexican car rental agencies available at the Rafael Bucina International Airport, so if you're planning on traveling to Mazatlan by plane, make sure to specify the AGA Mexican car rental airport location. This way you'll be able to quickly and conveniently gain access to your vehicle upon arrival, without fighting for pulmonias or shuttle seats into the city! If your accommodations are in the "Golden Zone" of Mazatlan expect a 25 minute drive from the Rafael Bucina International Airport in your Mexican car rental along the Mex. 15 highway. AGA Rent-A-Car is proud to be your Mexican car rental company and highly recommends reserving your rental car for pickup at the Rafael Bucina International Airport!

The Rafael Bucina International Airport is long been a prominent part of the Mazatlan skyline, ushering in thousands of visitors to the Mexico each and every year. Many major international airlines serve this local aviation center including the following:

Aero California
Aero California services the Rafael Bucina International Airport from airports in Los Angeles, La Paz, Baja Del Sur, Mexico City, Tijuana and Guadalajara. Aero California has been in the air since 1993 and is working hard to become a leader in cheap ticket sales thanks to a brilliant partnership with Visit to reserve your seat today!

Alaska Airlines
Alaska Airlines is one of the largest airlines to fly in and out of the Rafael Bucina International Airport each and everyday. This airliner brings in tourists from San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, Oregon and Seattle. If you're interested in booking a ticket on Alaska Airlines please call their toll free number 1-800-426-0333.

American West
If you're flying out of Phoenix, Arizona on you're way to Mazatlan, make sure to check out the American West flight schedule. Call the American West headquarters for more information on booking your ticket at 1-800-235-9292. Other major airlines at Rafael Bucina International Airport include Continental Airlines, Delta Airlines, and Aeromexico. If you're planning a vacation to Mazatlan from way up north in Canada make sure to check out the Canadian World of Vacations. This group specializes in chartering flights from major Canadian cities like Winnipeg, Vancouver and Calgary during the blistering winter season. So if you'd like to get out of the cold and into the sunshine make sure to contact this wonderful vacation group. Rafael Bucina International Airport is always excited to welcome in chartered flights so contact you're local travel agency today!

If you've reserved your AGA Rent-A-Car Mexican car rental at our Mazatlan city location, don't worry! The Rafael Bucina International Airport in Mazatlan offers a variety of great transportation options that will take you directly to the Mazatlan AGA Rent-A-Car offices. Taxi services in the open pulmonia vehicles will run you approximately $25, but with room for four you can always split the fare with other tourists. There is no public transportation from the Airport to the heart of the city but shuttle buses are available for about $8 a seat. These buses aren't normally air conditioned though, so prepare for a heatwave!

AGA Rent-A-Car is exicted to be a part of the Rafael Bucina International Airport and recommends it highly. The terminals are easy to navigate with plenty of washrooms and seating areas. For more information on the Rafael International Airport please call them at 69/823-444 or 69/824-894.

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