Mazatlán Bed and Breakfasts

The city of Mazatlán, Mexico offers a wide variety of accommodations, including plenty of resorts and commercial hotels; but if you're looking to add an intimate atmosphere to your next Mazatlán vacation, AGA Rent-A-Car strongly encourages you to check out some of the stellar Bed and Breakfast establishments located throughout the city. These cozy accommodations are the perfect retreat for young couples, honeymooners, married folk and even retirees! Located all over the city, Bed and Breakfast establishments offer classic beauty at an affordable price, providing visitors with comfortable and traditional Mexican accommodations year round. Warmth and hospitality await you at any one of the local B&B establishments, so be sure to consider a cozy room for two during your next vacation!

What to Expect from your Mazatlán Bed and Breakfast
From traditional design to state-of-the-art amenities, the B&B's of Mazatlán, Mexico are ready and waiting to offer you and your Mazatlán car rental friends a wonderful time! Inside a Mazatlán Bed and Breakfast you can expect to find the very best of service and hospitality, along with beautiful rooms and stellar views – all for less than you'd expect! Bed and Breakfast establishments in the Mazatlán area are steeped in tradition and are proud to provide their visitors with elegant, yet affordable lodgings practically everywhere in the city. The B&B's of Mazatlán are located within walking distance to many local attractions including pristine beaches, fantastic eateries and plenty of historical landmarks. Whether you're looking for a place in the Golden Zone, or perhaps a hideaway in the older part of town, Mazatlán B&B's are here to serve you, so don't be afraid to check one out in your upcoming Mazatlán car rental! Amenities at your next Mazatlán B&B could include:
• Satellite TV
• Air conditioning
• Jacuzzi tub
• Swimming pool and sauna
• Tropical gardens
• And much more!

AGA Rent-A-Car Mazatlán Bed and Breakfast Favorites
The Mazatlán car rental section of AGA Rent-A-Car is proud to provide its customers with a short overview of some of the great local establishments. Whether you're looking for a serene seclusion or a party palace, AGA Rent-A-Car has the B&B that's right for you, so go ahead and book your upcoming Mazatlán car rental before reserving your fantastic B&B suite!
• Casa De Leyendas of Mazatlán
This fully restored house provides visitors with over 9,000 square feet of intimate Mexican charm! Opened for business in May of 2005, this brand new B&B is the pride of Mazatlán, boasting seven bedrooms – each with its own private bath! Unique views are available of the surrounding Arte de Museum, and the Pacific Ocean, along with the Casa De Leyendas own Internal Garden Courtyard. The Casa De Leyendas is proud to provide vistors with a variety of wonderful breakfast entrees along with fresh fruit and delicious local breads, so be sure to check out this stellar location in your Mazatlán car rental! If you'd like to visit the Casa De Leyenda's online checkout
• The Garden of Eden Bed & Breakfast
The Garden of Eden Bed and Breakfast in Mazatlán boast 18 foot ceilings complete with beautiful wood beams and a spiraling staircase! Located within a historic local home The Garden of Eden B&B is surrounded by lush gardens and beautiful scenery, including classic fountains and stunning architecture. The Garden of Eden Bed and Breakfast is for adults only, so grab your sweetie and get ready for a luxurious vacation in the Garden!
• Captain Moe's B&B
Located inside the Golden Zone of Mazatlán, Captain Moe's Bed and Breakfast is within walking distances of all the local attractions, including restaurants, bars and all the hottest nightclubs. B&B amenities at Moe's include in-room refrigerators, free phone calls to the US and Canada and even wireless internet connections, so be sure to check out this Mazatlán hotspot!

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