Car Rentals Mexico and Mazatlan Central Square Cathedral

Mazatlan's Plaza Machado comes alive every morning just after nine o'clock. Business owners unlock their doors and begin to set tables for the upcoming day. Children and students run through the streets and splash about in square's fountain. The sun begins to rise and illuminate two of the neighborhood's most prominent establishments: Mazatlan's ornate 19th century Teatro Angela Peralta and the stunning Central Square Cathedral. Named for its location atop the central square of the Plaza Machado, this stunning cathedral is a beautiful example of 19th century architecture. An integral part of the Centro Proyecto Historico (the Center Historical Project), the Central Square Cathedral is the focal point of Mazatlan's oldest tourist district. Built in the mid 1800's by European settlers, the Plaza Machado originated as the city's main center of business and tourism. A recent renaissance in the area has once again restored the area to its original glory, offering car hire in Mexico clients and outstanding 24 hour vacation destination!

An Early Addition to Mazatlan's History
The young city of Mazatlan grew up around the Plaza Machado during the early 19th century thanks to its prominent location and lovely landscape. But one thing was missing from this Plaza Machado for a long time. The Central Square Cathedral was not added until well after the plaza had established itself as a prominent commercial and cultural destination! This was virtually unheard of in Mexican cities at this time. Most Mexican cities were built after the Spanish conquest had quelled the local Indian population. A cathedral structure was therefore seen as an integral part to the city's rebirth and rechristening. Historians are unsure as to why it took so long for a cathedral to be built in the Plaza Machado, but one thing is for certain; the architects and designers did a magnificent job! Named the Basilica Cathedral in 1937 in honor of the Immaculate Conception, the Central Square Cathedral is marked by two slender towers. The interior is decorated in the Baroque style, showcasing a variety of exuberate details.

Preserving the Plaza Machado for another Generation of Car Hire in Mexico Clients
During the last decade the Plaza Machado has experienced a complete rejuvenation thanks to the efforts of a volunteer organization of engineers, architects and entrepreneurs. This organization, called the Centro Proyecto Historico is dedicated to preserving the Plaza's impress cultural, commercial and religious importance. Preservation efforts have helped to designate more than 479 historically buildings in the Historic Center of the city, including the Central Square Cathedral. Alfredo Gomez Rubio, president of the Proyecto is proud to be a part of the city's recent rejuvenation, encouraging car hire in Mexico clients to stop in for an afternoon of exceptional sightseeing. Other prominent buildings in the area, aside from the Cathedral, include the Museo Casa Machado, Pedro y Lola's restaurant and the Pacific Café. The areas architect is often described as a combination of French, neo-classical and tropical design. Locals often refer to it as neo-tropical.

Care hire in Mexico clients are highly encouraged to visit this stunning example of Mexican history during their upcoming AGA Rent-A-Car vacation. The Plaza Machado is proud to house a wide variety of cultural and commercial attractions, not to mention some of the city's most prominent historical monuments. Finding the Central Square Cathedral is simple when traveling the streets of Mazatlan. Simply head towards the city's historic district, (referred to as Old Mazatlan by most) and make your way to the center. Car hire in Mexico clients should be able to spot the church spire from a mile or so away. AGA Rent-A-Car recommends spending at least two days in city's historic district as it features an outstanding variety of restaurants, shopping centers and cultural attractions. Numerous bed and breakfast establishments are located in the area to provide car hire in Mexico clients with charming accommodations.

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