Car Rentals Mazatlan and Mazatlan Fishing

The city of Mazatlan, Mexico has long been rumored as the world's top fishing ground, providing anglers with seven of the worlds most sought after sports fishing species. From shrimping to deep sea fishing, the coasts of Mazatlan offer a bountiful harvest at practically any time of year, so be sure to reserve a boat charter during your upcoming Mazatlan rent-a-car (renta de autos Mazatlan) vacation. The months of October through January tend to be the city's busiest season, so remember to make your boat reservations at least two months in advance during this time period. In fact, AGA Rent-A-Car encourages all potential fishermen to make their boat charter reservation as soon as they have completed the online reservations of cars in Mazatlan (reservaciones de autos Mazatlan) on the AGA Rent-A-Car website. Sport fishing in Mazatlan is a huge industry, providing potential anglers with a variety of boats, packages and services. Competing fleets are scattered throughout the city, providing fishermen with plenty of options, so go ahead and book your outing today! Whether you're fishing for fun or profit, the shores of Mazatlan are sure to impress, so grab a rod and get ready for some waterside fun!

Catch your Fish… and Eat it Too!
The city of Mazatlan is proud to provide avid fishermen with tons of exciting bonuses, so what are you waiting for! Ultra affordable boat charters are located all along the coastline, and there are even exciting bass tours of Culiacan and the El Salto region! Mazatlan is probably the cheapest place to cast a lure in all of Mexico, so don't forget to pack some fishing rods into the back of your upcoming Mazatlan rent-a-car (renta de auto Mazatlan)! Nearby reservoirs, wetlands and lakes are practically overflowing with exciting aquatic species, so go ahead an enjoy and afternoon in the open air! Hundreds of renters of cars in Mazatlan (arrendadoras de autos Mazatlan) participate in the city's fishing industry each and every year, so go ahead and see what all the fuss is about! If you happen to catch something tasty, like a Dorado, Wahoo, Tuna or Grouper, just toss it on some ice and take it to one of the local restaurants – they'll be happy to prepare it for you! If you wish to bring your catch back home with you remember to contact your airline service provider, as their may be special rules regarding proper transportation.

Popular Fishing Grounds in and around Mazatlan
Mazatlan boasts a variety of exciting fishing grounds, so be sure to try more thatn one during your upcoming Mazatlan rent-a-car (renta de autos Mazatlan) vacation. The city's newest marina's are located at the northern end of the Golden Zone, provide tourists with a fleet of advance boats and technological mumbo jumbo. The older Marina del Creston is one of the city's most treasured locations, providing priceless information and tours of the areas located around the Mazatlan harbor and lighthouse. A handful of operators call the Marina del Creston home, so be sure to shop around before picking the company that's right for you. Other operators can be found along the Ave. Camaron Sabalo and at the Marina El Cid.

Fishing – the Local Way!
If big name marina's and fancy boats just aren't your cup of tea, don't worry! Mexico is proud to offer Mazatlan rent-a-car (renta de autos Mazatlan) another exciting option – the panga! Panga's are small uncovered boats made of fiberglass and equipped with an outboard motor. Small but powerful, panga's are the preferred transportation of many local fishermen, so why not try one out during your upcoming Mazatlan rent-a-car (renta de autos Mazatlan) period! You and another renter of cars in Mazatlan (arrendadoras de autos Mazatlan) can reserve a panga for just $40 per hour, (minimum rental period is 4 hours).

AGA Rent-A-Car Mazatlan (renta de autos Mazatlan) encourages you to plan your reservation of a car in Mazatlan (reservacione de autos Mazatlan) and boat charter reservation soon, as available vehicles tend to book up fast!

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