Mazatlán History

Mazatlán's history goes back hundreds of years. As you will learn as you spend time here with your car rental in Mazatlán, Mexico it has a rich history, but most of what is known comes from the time that the Spanish colonized the área.

What's in a name?
The name Mazatlán comes from the Nahuatl Indian world which means "place of deer". The área was chosen because of its sport fishing and it was an important seaport. AS you drive through the city in your car rental in Mazatlán, Mexico you will notice that the sea is still a very large part of life here. Although towns were settled by the Europeans about 400 years ago, the first permanent colony was not established until the 1820s. Many of the sailors who passed through the área thought of it as an island because of all the lagoons and estuaries near the harbor.

Developing the área
The área that is today Mazatlán was not established by the Indians or the Spanish. It was actually developed by a German immigrant who wanted to develop port facilities in order to import agricultural equipment. Once the process started, international trade followed and what you see today from your car rental in Mazatlán, Mexico is the result of that. However, there were many plagues of cholera and yellow fever that sometimes greatly threatened the área.

In 1847, the Port was occupied by American troops during the Mexican-American war. Again in 1864 it was occupied by the French, then again by Americans during the American Civil War, then by the British in 1871. What you will see from these occupations today as you drive around in your car rental in Mazatlán, Mexico are bars in windows. This was established as a security measure, along with iron fences, in many of the nicer neighborhoods of the city as a form of protection.
With the rule of Porfirio Diaz from 1876-1910, things became better for the área. There was prosperity during this time because a railroad was built to the área. The port and lighthouse were modernized and the cathedral was finished. Education, arts, and journalism became important parts of life in the área. This was followed by a period of revolution and war over Mexico.

Order was resorted in the 1920s, but was quickly brought into the Great Depression with the rest of the world. The city as you see it today from your car rental in Mazatlán, Mexico began in the 1960s with the rise of tourism to the área. Today, the área is a strong tourist center for the northeast part of the county, increasing the jobs found here.

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