Mazatlan Mi Casa Viajes

MiCasa Viajes in Mazatlan offers tours of the islands and Sea of Cortez when you visit with your Los Mochis car rental. They will show you a great time while exploring the marine life in the area (sea lions, sea birds, mantas, whales, dolphins, sea turtles, and much more) on the Sea of Cortez.

What types of tours you can choose from
MiCasa Tours offer a number of choices when you visit with your Los Mochis car rental. Tours range from day trips or two to six day tours of the islands of Mazatlan and the Sea of Cortez. Island Voyages are eco-adventure trips to see the wildlife of the Sea of Cortez. With a maximum of 10 people on the trip, you know that you will have the attention of the tour staff to explain what you are seeing. They also take you up close to the action by not using an engine on eco cruises so not to disturb the wildlife. This will give you a chance to bring some awesome pictures home with you. Day trips to Deer Island will take you to a sheltered bay along the island and give you time to go ashore for the day. If you are here in the evening, there is a sunset wine and cheese tour that will take you around the islands with commentary from the captain.

Very special tours
If you are here from December through March with your Los Mochis car rental, you can check out the whale watching tours during the migration season. This is an experience not to be missed - see the whales in their natural habitat! On the Seal Rock Nature trip, you can see and photograph wildlife, seabirds, and sun bathing seals in their natural habitat.

Planning a longer trip?
The Island Voyages are trips that take a little longer than one day. Isla Isabela is an island a few hours from Mazatlan that is a breeding ground for birds. This trip lasts four days and gives you time to hike and explore the island and relax on the beach. You can also add a stop to the town of San Blas, south of Mazatlan. It is a town that is known for its beauty, culture, and history. Here you will find quiet beaches and a tropical jungle with a large bird population. This tour lasts six days.

Learn to sail
Another option that MiCasa Viajes offers is sailing lessons. The captain will take inexperienced sailors through the skills of sailing on the Sea of Cortez. The captain has over 20 years of experience sailing these waters and teaching people the skill. If you choose this option when you visit with your Los Mochis car rental, you will learn about safety, wind awareness, parts of the boat, knots, rigging, capsize and recovery, getting out of irons, and rules of upwind and downwind.

What you need to know
All cruises include food and beverage, and are priced at US $50 (please email them for trips longer than 1 day). Whether you are visiting with your Los Mochis car rental, or are here on a cruise, day trips leave at 10:30 a.m. and guarantee to get you back by 4:00 p.m. All crew members are bilingual and will explain everything you need to know on the trip.

When you visit Mazatlan with your Los Mochis car rental, you will find that MiCasa Viajes offers some great tours of the area. From day trips to extended stays in the islands of the Sea of Cortez, they offer a number of choices for water enthusiasts of all ages and experience. They also offer reasonable prices for a trip that you will not forget. Be sure to bring your camera because you will have some great opportunities for photos to take home with you.

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