Car Rentals Mexico and Mazatlan Sailing

Are you a Mazatlan AGA Rent-A-Car Car Rentals Mexico traveler wanting to try something fun and exciting? You surely cannot visit Mazatlan without exploring one of the many water activities like surfing, scuba diving and especially sailing also known as Hobie Cats! Mazatlan is blessed with a beautiful coastline and a good breeze, making it an ideal location for any sailing enthusiast. The completion of two marinas in Mazatlan has steadily attracted more sailboats to the beautiful coastline and improved local tour offerings. The unique geology of the six coastal islands is home to an abundance of nesting birds. Deer Island, a Protected Natural Reserve, offers a sublime beach and an ideal day trip for AGA Rent-A-Car Car Rentals Mexico travelers.

Local Sailing Tours
If you are a AGA Rent-A-Car Car Rentals Mexico vacationers prefer to sit back and enjoy the amazing scenery, then you will love one of the tours that the area has to offer, such as Bula Catamaran Sailing Tours. You will be picked up at your hotel in the morning around 9am and then depart about half an hour later from 'Marina Isla Mazatlan' on a 45 foot catamaran. On your excursion, you will be able to admire the area's beautiful animal life such as the marine birds, sea lions and dolphins. Don't leave your camera in your AGA Rent-A-Car Car Rentals Mexico rental vehicle because you will have many magnificent photo opportunities available to you on this relaxing sailing trip, including a close up view of the world's second tallest natural lighthouse. The cost of this adventure is 550 Pesos and includes: snorkeling, kayaking, and sailing, a light lunch, fruit snacks, an open bar, refreshments, and transportation. The tour concludes around 2:30, and sunset and private tours are also available.

If you are the more adventurous type and want to try some sailing for yourself, then AGA Rent-A-Car Car Rentals Mexico suggests renting a sailboat and venturing out onto the Mazatlan waters on your own. If you decide to go sailing there are some very basic rules you should remember:

Wear a Floatation Device
Here's a statistic every sailor should see: Around 80% of boating drowning deaths in any given year would NOT have occurred IF the victim had worn a personal floatation device.

No matter how strong a swimmer you might be, your skills are of no use if you have been knocked unconscious. This can happen and, when it does, those without personal floatation devices usually drown. For your own sake, and the sakes of those who would grieve for you, always wear a personal floatation device.

Stay Warm--It's Cooler Than You Think
AGA Rent-A-Car Car Rentals Mexico vacationers should realize that just because sailing is a water sport does not mean it should be done in a swimsuit. First of all, it's nearly never as warm on the water as you would imagine. You will quickly become chilled in a swimsuit, which will make you uncomfortable. Secondly, on the rare occasions that conditions are calm with blazing UV rays, you will curse yourself for wearing a swimsuit the next ten days while your sunburn is peeling. A good rule of thumb is to wear one extra layer of clothing. For example, wear a windbreaker over a tee-shirt. Wind pants or polar fleece pants are a good choice over shorts.

Water sports are an all day-every day attraction in Mazatlan. The beaches are swarming with jet skis and wave runners, parasailing, inflatable banana rides, sailboats (hobie cats) and sea kayaks. If it's a water adventure you are craving, the Mazatlan is the place for you!

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