Mazatlan Scuba Diving

Sometimes the Pacific Coast is overlooked for its scuba diving in Mexico, but there is a lot of great diving on this coast as well. Along the northern part of the coast from Mazatlán to Manxanillo you will find a lot of accessible diving with your car rental from Mazatlán, Mexico. On the Pacific Coast you will find caves and tunnels as well as steep walls. Even the most experienced divers will be amazed at the beauty. While Mazatlán has great diving, this is not a popular diving destination like places such as Cozumel. However, there are some interesting rock formations here and there is diving available. The advantage is that everything in the sea is still natural, alive and growing.
All year the diving here is ideal because the water temperature ranges from a low of 78°F to a high of 89°F, with thermoclines with temperatures as low as 65°F. The visibility is also very good, ranging from 50-80 feet.
The waters along Mazatlán are usually calm and many of the dive sites are close to shore (no long boat rides). You can get a close look at the diverse marine life here once you get to the destination with your car rental from Mazatlán, Mexico. There is also the remains of the sunken ships of Las Tres Islas. Las Tres Islas is located 2 miles west of Mazatlán with your car rental from Mazatlán, Mexico. This is a group of three islands: Pajaros, Venados, and Lobos. The waters around these islands are calm and an excellent location for diving. Playa Norte is also a great place to visit with your car rental from Mazatlán, Mexico to dive at. The beach is at the end of the Zona Dorada (the Golden Zone), about 37 miles west of downtown Mazatlán. The southern portion of the beach has moderate waves and ideal conditions for scuba diving with a wide variety of species to view.

Swimming with the Fish
Mazatlán has more than 12 miles of coastline for you to enjoy, even if diving isn't your main activity. You can lounge on the beautiful beaches during the day and cool off in the salty water. The beaches here are very accessible with your car rental from Mazatlán, Mexico. The beaches each offer their own activities depending on wave heights usually found at each beach. There is swimming, parasailing, surfing, and many other activities to keep you busy. All the equipment you will need for your beach adventure can be rented at the beach. The beaches in Mazatlán are known for their breathtaking cliffs, vegetation, and clear blue water.
Playa Olas Altas - located in Old Mazatlán in the center of the port, this beach is unique because the shores shift depending on the time of year and it makes it look like the rocks have changed position.
Playa Gaviotas - this is a great beach for sunbathing and volleyball because of the long stretch of sand. It is in the heart of the Zona Dorada, so it is easy to get to with your car rental from Mazatlán, Mexico.
Playa Venados - located on Venados Island, this beach is surrounded by dense vegetation. The best way to get here is by boat. The waters here are clam and relaxing. It is the perfect spot to swim, sail, or snorkel. Also interesting here are the petroglyphs, the drawings left on the rocks by the ancient inhabitants of the Sinaloa coast.
Playa Cerritos - This beach is easy to get to with public transportation 26 miles northwest of Mazatlán. The waves here are strong, so be careful when you decide to swim. This is a good place to do some board sports with the stronger waves.

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