Car Rental Mexico and Mazatlan Weather

Sun and sand await you in the Mexican city of Mazatlan, so prepare for some steamy days! Mazatlan is a perpetual paradise thanks to the cities mix of tropical vegetation and Mediterranean heat, so get ready for one hot, hot, hot trip! Cool nights and humid afternoons characterize this costal city, along with an intense rainy season and non-existent winters. A favorite tourist destination for snow-birds and college students, Mazatlan is a sunbather's heaven capable of producing temperatures well into the 30's (Fahrenheit)! Driving your car rental in Mexico and through the Mazatlan streets is probably the only time you'll feel a sufficiently cool breeze, so go ahead and reserve yours today! Intensely warm days await you Mazatlan, so get ready beat the heat with beaches, bars and plenty of beer!

How to Beat the Heat in Mazatlan
It's easy to see how hot it gets in Mazatlan when driving your car rental in Mexico City and other areas like Culiacan; so just how do you beat the sweltering heat here in Mexico?! Well, here at AGA Rent-A-Car we've come up with a few creative ideas for coping with the intense temperatures of Mazatlan, along with a few ways to avoid the heat entirely!

• Party all night and sleep all day! Since the hottest part of the day here in Mazatlan is between noon and 4 o'clock, AGA Rent-A-Car suggests sleeping away the heat! Mazatlan's nightlife is well worth staying up for, so why even bother battling the balmy weather - just stay in bed!
*AGA Rent-A-Car Tip! If you're planning on being a night-owl during your upcoming trip to Mazatlan, AGA Rent-A-Car strongly suggest throwing a sweater in the back of your Mazatlan automobile; the Mazatlan air is known for having high water content, especially at night. This factor is a common cause of Bronchitis in the area, affecting skimpily dressed travelers not yet used to the area's climate.
• Take a ferry trip! If you're looking to beat the heat AGA Rent-A-Car suggests parking that car rental in Mexico and hopping on one of the areas ferries! These ferries are bound to produce a cool breeze, and for approximately $1 a trip, you could afford to ride the water all day!
• Visit the Beach! A cool dip along the gulf is the perfect way to avoid overheating, especially during your tip to Mazatlan! The city of Mazatlan is proud to provide visitors with a variety of crystal clear beaches right next to the Golden Zone, so park that car rental and enjoy the waterside! A quick dip will help instantly lower your body temperature without costing you a fortune, so go ahead - the water's great!
• Grab a cold one! Staying hydrated while driving your car rental in Mexico is a definite must, so remember to keep lots of cold drinks on hand in the back of your rental. If you're feeling a little overheated during an afternoon around town AGA Rent-A-Car encourages you to stop in at one of the local establishments; whether you're looking for an ice cold beer or a thirst quenching soft drink, the stores of Mazatlan are waiting to help keep you cool!
• Drive out to Stone Island! A scenic drive with the windows cranked open in your Mazatlan car rental is a great way to keep cool during your vacation, so why no plan on visiting the neighboring resort town of Stone Island! Although called and "island" Stone island is actually and extension of the peninsula, so it's easily accessible by your Mexican car rental! Stone Island is also a great place to kick back and relax, so be sure to head on over for an afternoon of rejuvenating rest!

When to Visit Mazatlan
If you're in the process of planning your upcoming Mazatlan vacation, AGA Rent-A-Car encourages you to avoid reserve a car rental in Mexico during the months of July, August and September, as these are the hottest months of the Mexican year, along with the wettest. January, February and March are by far the coolest months, so plan on reserving your Mazatlan car rental then!

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