Melville Suites

Take your car rental Mazatlán Mexico to the beautiful Melville Suites for a truly historical experience. Located in the heart of Mazatlán's most culturally active area, you will be walking distance from the Cathedral, City Hall, and downtown shopping. You will love the neoclassical architecture that has been modified for life in the tropics as well as the individually decorated and handmade furniture and antiques inside the hotel! Take a break from driving your car rental Mazatlán Mexico and stay a night or three at this 19th century style guest house.

Brief Background
Before heading over to the Melville Suites in your car rental Mazatlán Mexico, read up on the following. The Melville Suites were built during the 1870's by Spanish trader Juan Tames. It was named after Herman Melville who was in Mazatlán in 1844. During the 19th century, the Melville Suites served as a Telegraph office. Later on it functioned for over 60 years as a Carmelite nun's school. This period gave the Melville Suites its monastic appearance. In the present day, the Suites serve as a luxury guest house. On the outside you will find an impressive wrought iron balcony that goes around the building. Inside you will find the best of Mexican decoration that served at a tribute to the local craftsmen and Peruvian Sacral art. Did you know that there are no two rooms alike? In one you can sit on a majestic deep plush armchair, while in another you will find a huge splendid oil painting. Melville Suites' collection of costly antiques, Mexican chandeliers, gleaming mirrors and much more, makes it Mexico's loveliest habitable museum.

Amenities at Melville Suites
Inside Melville Suites you will find 20 suites that are complete with a kitchen, air-conditioning, cable TV, wireless internet and much more. You will also find a laundry room, courtyard, handicap access and elevator, sunny/shaded rest areas, and a library/lounge area. The guest house also has its own purified water system so you don't have to worry about getting sick!

Prices for the Rooms
The prices are very reasonable at the Melville Suites. A one bedroom suite costs $ 80.00 USD (plus tax) for 1 or 2 adults, a deluxe one bedroom suite costs $90.00 USD (plus tax) for 1 or 2 adults and a deluxe two bedroom suite and super deluxe one bedroom suite costs $100.00 USD plus tax for up to 4 adults. You will love the atmosphere of privacy with the exclusive 19th century flavor.

Yoga Classes
Before heading off and seeing tourist attractions in your car rental Mazatlán Mexico, start your Wednesday's off with a Yoga class with instructor Maureen Geragthy. From 10am-11am you will be taught basic moves from an experienced instructor that has developed and managed the wellness/fitness programs for Nike in Beaverton, Oregon as well as Colorado HMO.

Reservations and Location
The Melville Suites are located on Constitucion No.99 Centre Historico, Mazatian, Sinnion, Mexico. Before going there in your car rental Mazatlán Mexico, don't forget to make your reservations. If you are in the US or Canada, call 011 (52-669)-982-84-74 and book your room today.

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