Mexico City Dining

Imagine that you are on your Mexico car hire trip, walking down the streets of Mexico City. You just watched some street performers work their magic and they were amazing. You have seen the sights and it's been a long day and now you are starving and just want to eat some food. You love Mexican food, but what place is the best? There are so many choices and you just want some food. Don't worry, Mexico car hire customer, there are plenty of amazing restaurants that will fill you up in no time.

You will be treated like royalty
If you are looking for a place where romance is at your feet, Sir Winston Churchill's is perfect for you. This restaurant is perfect for romancing a loved one and it has been given a five-star rating. The ambiance of this location and the service here is truly outstanding. The food is amazing, the prices are affordable and it is located right in the heart of Mexico City. There is even a piano player that sets the mood for the evening and you can request songs if you wish. If you want to make some special memories with the one you love, Sir Winston Churchill's is a place fit for a king.

Almost ancient history
The third rated restaurant in all of Mexico City is the Restaurante Bar Café Tacuba. This place is open everyday from 10:00am-10:00pm. Traditional Mexican food is the main cuisine that is served here and it has been host to many local legends as well. It was established all the way back in the 19th century and many notable people have visited here, including presidents and artists. The furniture is hand-made out of wood and music is played as you enjoy your meal, whether it is enchiladas, sweet bread or tamales. This is one of the oldest restaurants around Mexico City with great food and a great atmosphere. You simply must test it out on your upcoming Mexico car hire vacation.

Do you like it spicy?
If you want to go to a place that mixes things up a bit, try Mama Rosas in Mexico City. On Mon-Wed., it is open from noon-midnight. It is also open on Thurs. and Fri. from 12:30pm-1:00am and on Saturdays from 8:00am-1:00am. The concept of this restaurant is new and exciting and unique in its own way. Mama Rosas fuses together the amazing tastes of Mexican food with the hearty pasta and pizza of Italian food. These dishes are original and something unlike you've ever tried before. Also, don't forget dessert, because that's the best part! The atmosphere of this restaurant is very calm and informal. The pleasant food and exotic tastes will be enough to make you wanting more, Mexico car hire vacationers.

A truly traditional experience
If you want to go to a place that is truly Mexican in every sense of the word, Potzocalli is the place to check out. Open everyday from 11:00am-11:00pm, this restaurant has 18 outlets in Mexico City alone! It is a traditional place with decorations that will definitely draw your attention. There are life trees, candles, plants and wooden furniture inside the building. Created over 40 years ago, you can have almost anything you desire, from pig's head to chicken and even vegetarian pozole. The food is great and the service is great, so check it out on your Mexico car hire trip. If you want to have amazing food and a great time in Mexico City, there are tons of restaurants to choose from, you just have to find the right one. The options are endless and the experiences are memorable in Mexico City.

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