Mexico City Nightlife

Imagine that you are a college student and you want to go away for Spring Break. It's your last chance to do something fun before you have to be out on your own and in the real world. You decide that you want to take a trip to Mexico City, because you have heard that it is great for vacationing. Seeing as you are a student, you probably want to party and have a good time. There is no better way to do it than hitting up the hottest clubs in Mexico City. On your upcoming Mexico car hire vacation; check out the nightlife that is sure to leave you wanting more.

Dance the night away
If you want to hit up a nightclub that is great on Friday and Saturday nights, Roots is the place to be. If you like to dance, mingle or just sit around and talk to friends, this place has it all. Located at the north end of the city, bring some friends and have a fantastic time. On your Mexico car hire trip, you can choose a table depending on how much money you wish to spend. There are lots of choices, lots of people and lots to do at Roots. The music is electronic convine with pop English/Spanish. It's a great atmosphere and a great way to start off your vacation right.

Take things down a notch
If you want to check out a more down-to-earth atmosphere on your Mexico car hire vacation, you should go to El Relicario. This is great on Sunday nights and it is always packed in the daytime. There are pool tables if you want to test your skills against some of the regulars here. There is a huge variety of music that is played including house, salsa, rock, R&B and more. For a more relaxing time, this is definitely a bar to think about.

March with the Mariachis
Plaza Garibaldi is a place of unique talent and ongoing excitement. This is the Mecca of Mariachis. If you are looking to find trumpets, violins, marimba and even tequila, this is where you would go. It isn't just one Mariachi band that plays all night either; there are many just waiting in the wings to get their chance onstage. They play late into the night for an almost everlasting event. As long as you are paying them, they will keep playing for any audience that might show up. They play outside on the street so there is no dress code, just dress weather appropriate.

The young and the restless
If you are young and want to check out one of the hottest spots to go in Mexico City nightlife, come to Bar Cosmo. This is one of the top places for international DJ's to come and play their mixes for you, Mexico car hire customers. If you want to hear the newest Drum and Bass, house, techno and other popular beats, Bar Cosmo has it all. It is open on Friday and Saturday from 8:00pm-4:00am. There is a $5 cover charge and a 2-drink minimum once you get inside, but it is all worth it. It's the trendy place to be and if this is what you are looking for, you should definitely check it out.

A few final words
If you simply want to have a great time on your upcoming Mexico car hire vacation, there are many things to choose from. There is really something for everyone in Mexico City, whether you want fast-paced dancing action or just a calm night with your friends. Mexico City nightlife is truly one of a kind.

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