Museo Del Mar and Culiacan Car Rentals

Visit one of the worlds largest collections of exhibits in the world when you visit with your Culiacan car rentals. Located on Calle de los Corarios, the Museo Del Mar is open all year around. When you come and visit the Museo Del Mar you will be able to see more than 5 000 specimens. There are several interactive exhibits where you can really get hands on and learn about each area including the Marine Mammal Room, the Seashell Room, the Pirate Room and the Balneeario (Beach Resort) History Room.

The Marine Mammal Room
In this exhibition you will be able to find skeletons of dolphins, porpoises, orcas, beaked whales, sperm whales, elephant seals and sea lions. There are several embalmed sea lions from Uruguay, where 90% of the world population of the South American sea lions live. The most amazing thing in the collection is the four whale skeletons, with some exceeding 15 meters and that cover several rooms in the Sea Museum. You can also see a dolphin and pygmy sperm whale fetus.

The Seashell Room
Discover the secret world of seashells when you travel with your Culiacan car rentals. The Museo Del Mar houses an impressive collection of seashells and marine bivalves from all over the world. Other nostalgic items include "refresco de bolita" (a marble was used to top on this bottle), the Geniol head (Geniol will take the nails from the head, taking your headache away). This was an advertisement used in the old-times for an aspirin brand with a nice jingle) snuff tobacco tins, chewing tobacco tins, and more. Be amazed by all the colors and forms exhibited. The seashell collection includes Volute, Murex, Cypraea, Pecten, Terebra, Marginella, and families Conidae, Olividae, Buccinidae and more! You can also see the biggest mussel in the world.

The Pirate Room
Who were the first pirates? How about the pirate flag? In the pirate room you will see hooks, wooden legs, eye patches, old telescopes, and more. Learn about the most famous pirates, busccaneers and corsairs in history with your Culiacan car rentals. Learn about the legends and the stories of treasures; the myths and reality of pirates. In this room the exhibits include old telescopes, blunderbusses, sabres, large chests, rudders, galleons, flags, myths, history, stories and legends of the most famous pirates.

The Balneeario (Beach Resort) History Room
Step into the past of the old balnerios of southern South America such as Punta del Este and Mar Del Plata. Here with your Culiacan car rentals, you will find thousands of collectibles, old postcards, magazines, books, tins, bottles, suitcases, toys and everything that was used in a beach house. The main feature of this room is an old picnic suitcase which stands out with its jam jars, tablecloths, cutlery, a coffeepot, hip flask and more.

Fun for the kids
Kids will be captivated by the museum exhibition with specimens from all over the world, you will find something new everywhere you look. Visitors will love the aquarium which features native fish from Argentina. The top floor also has a kids playground and nice view of the surrounding area. Ready for a break? Head over to the museums quaint coffee shop and sit back and relax. After the major exhibitions you can also check out the art gallery.

Before you go
General admission for adults is $20, $15 for children and seniors. The Museo Del Mar is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

For more information on Museo Del Mar when you travel with your Culiacan car rentals visit their official website at or call 598 42 771 817.

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