Museo Regional del Valle del Fuerte

Visiting the Museo Regional del Valle Fuerte with your car rental Mazatlan Mexico will let you experience your surroundings in Mexico and Los Mochis in particular. This area was founded by an American named Robert K. Owen, who had a vision to make a utopian socialist government in the area. Now close to Yopolobampo with your car rental Mazatlan Mexico, you can see old and new in Mexico. Since its early days, Los Mochis has become an agricultural powerhouse for Mexico, with the serene beauty of the ocean right next door.
El Fuerte lies along the Chihuahua-Pacific Railroad route, and reflects the architecture of New Spain with its neo-Classical style. This is the ideal spot to visit with your car rental Mazatlan Mexico to get a feeling of the colonial days in the area. The regional museum will explore the history of the area, as well as the culture here.

Violent beginnings
El Fuerte was founded in 1564 by Don Francisco de Ibarra in the western Sierra Madre Mountains. A fort was built in 1610 to protect the area from Indians who were harassing the Spaniards. This was an important site because it was also the gateway to Sonora, Arizona, and California. After the fort was protected from attacks, the settlement began to flourish. For more than three centuries, it was an important commercial and agricultural center for the region, making it a major trading post for silver miners and gold seekers. In 1824, El Fuerte became the capital of the region, and was a powerful city for many years. Leaving your car rental Mazatlan Mexico behind and taking a walk around the village can be a rewarding experience. Try the Colonial Walk Tour for a guided tour of the area to learn the most about the city you are in.

Notable places to visit
The Tehueco Mayo Indian Mission is located only about an hour away with your car rental Mazatlan Mexico. This was once the center of Mayo religious activity. A church was built in 1650 to convert the people living on the land here. The current church, which was built in 1811, stands next to the ruins of the original. Also nearby are the Nahuatl Pertoglyphs. These drawings are up to 1500 years old, and an amazing site to see. How often do you get to see drawings that are that old?
Another interesting stop with your car rental Mazatlan Mexico would be the town of Alamos, about three hours into the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains. This city is famous for its Mexica jumping beans, and has been a tourist attraction for many years.
Many people also just stop in El Fuerte on their way to Copper Canyon, a beautiful system of canyons that is one of the most beautiful places in Mexico. Try a train ride on the Chihuahua Pacifico Railroad. These long train rides will take you through 87 tunnels and over more than 35 bridges to reach your final destination.
El Fuerte is a great place to stop with your car rental Mazatlan Mexico in order to learn more about the history and culture of northwestern Mexico.

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