Cheap Mexico Car Rental and Navolato

Born from the outskirts of Culiacan, Navolato is a wonderful tourist suburb in the state of Sinaloa. The youngest municipality in the state, Navolato is just now beginning to define itself as a tourist haven, attracting travelers of all ages and nationalities. Beautiful beaches, excellent roads and charming accommodations help make Navolato a great choice for cheap Mexico car rental tourists, so why not check it out? This young town is eager to please with its amazing array of attractions, restaurants and beaches. Take a trip to Navolato during your upcoming cheap Mexico car rental vacation to Culiacan and see for yourself why this town's popularity is on the rise.

You can't beat this location
If you're seeking a little privacy during your upcoming cheap Mexico car rental vacation, there's no better place to go then the municipality of Navolato. Located on the outskirts of the tourist hotspot Culiacan, Navolato is minutes away from fantastic amenities, services and facilities. Combine this convenience with small town charm and you've got Navolato down pat. A distance of 30 kilometres is all that separates Navolato from the downtown core of Culiacan, making the town a wonderful place to base a peaceful Mexican holiday.

Enjoy the colonial flare of Navolato
Colonial architecture is a main focal point in Navolato, providing the area with a rustic charm and old world feel. Cheap Mexico car rental travelers will find beautiful old homes along many of the town's main streets, while the beautiful church of San Francisco de Asis is located at the heart of the Central Plaza. Another great landmark in Navolato is the local sugar mill, "Ingenio La Primavera". Cheap Mexico car rental travelers can learn oodles of new information during a quick tour of these unique attractions, so just imagine what you could discovery during a three or four day vacation. The possibilities are endless in Navolato.

I'll meet you at the beach
Like most other Mexican tourist destinations, Navolato is well known for its collection of spotless beaches and lagoons. Cheap Mexico car rental travelers will find paradise within minutes of the city, especially at beaches like the Bay of Altata. Located just 29 kilometres west of Navolato, the Bay of Altata boasts a soft surf and very fine sand. Cheap Mexico car rental travelers will find another magnificent beach just 15 minutes past Altata at El Tambor. This beach if perfect for water sports like surfing, as it offers high sand dunes and much stronger waves.

The fish are always biting at Navolato
Fishermen and women will find the municipality of Navolato of great interest, thanks in part to the prominent fishing camps of El Castillo, Yameto, Dautillos and El Tetuan. These major Mexican fishing programs are based in Navolato, speaking to the area's fertile waters. Cheap Mexico car rental travelers should have no problem arranging for a chartered fishing boat in Navolato, so don't forget to pack your rods and tackle. Other industries in Navolato include vegetable farming and sugar. Cheap Mexico car rental travelers will also find a handful of local shops and restaurants in Navolato.

Don't miss these attractions during your upcoming cheap Mexico car rental trip
If you can squeeze a visit to Navolato into your busy Mexico vacation, AGA Rent A Car recommends visiting the following area attractions:

• The Sugar Cane Fair: This exciting festival is held during the month of May. Activities at the fair include dancing, singing, feasting and shopping.
• The monument to a sugar cane planter: This beautiful work of sculpted art is on display in the central area of the city. The monument marks the community's prominent role in the sugar manufacturing business.
• The Church of San Francisco de Asis: This church is a beautiful example of Mexico's colonial architectural style.

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