New Years Events in Mazatlan and Mazatlan rental car

New Years Eve in Mazatlan is a great place to be with your Mazatlan rental car. People from all around the world come to Mazatlan to welcome in the New Year every year. Many places offer special events as well as fun activities according to the festivities. Like most places around the world celebrating the New Years, the majority of places in Mazatlan are open late and up to the next day. On the actual New Years Day, like most places all over the world stores and businesses are closed, so you'll want to make sure you have everything you need the night before when you travel with your Mazatlan rental car.

A traditional New Years in Mazatlan
When you travel to Mazatlan with your Mazatlan rental car during New Years you will learn that most people celebrate New Year's Eve by having a late night dinner with their families. However, there's no need to despair as for those who want to party generally go out afterward the family dinner. When you're in Mazatlan , there are several festivities happening out on the streets. There is usually one huge street festival on New Year's Eve so make sure you check it out with your Mazatlan rental cars.

Welcoming in the New Years with a bang
Invented in ancient China in the 12th century to scare away evil spirits, fireworks are used all over the world in celebrations. You can expect a lot of firecrackers, fireworks and sparklers when in Mazatlan with your Mazatlan rental car. At midnight there is a lot of noise and everyone shouts: "Feliz ano nuevo!" People embrace and make noise and set off firecrackers. If you're planning on setting of some of your own fireworks just make sure that they are not over 5 feet in height as there is a law preventing individual residents from doing so. Fireworks available to the public include Roman candles, single shot shooters, ground and wall spinners, fountains, cones, sparklers, and various other novelties.

Some New Years superstitions
The people of Mazatlan have several superstitions. To help make sure that the New Year is a great one why don't you try some out? Eat twelve grapes as the clock strikes midnight on the 31st, as you eat each grape make a wish for the New Year. If you're looking for good luck in love in the coming year you should wear red underwear on New Year's Eve. If you're looking for luck with money, wear yellow underwear. If you been hoping to travel in the New Years grab your luggage and head out for a walk around the block.

Traditional foods to eat on New Year's Eve
Do what the locals due in Mazatlan to get the full cultural experience. Bacalao, dried salted codfish, is a New Year's staple in Mazatlan. Similar to the USA, toasts are made but with sparkling cider, and a hot fruit punch known as ponche is also another extremely popular drink.

A time to party
There are several places that you can open the New Years at including Sumbawa. One major draw is its open bar but you will want to buy tickets in advance when you travel with your Mazatlan rental car as this place is usually packed to the brim during New Years Eve. Joe's Oyster bar is also another option with the party going on until noon the next day. After the celebrations, if you're looking for a place to crash there are a lot of good hotels in the golden zone with a wide range of prices depending on what you're looking for

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