Car Rental Mexico and the Nissan Platina

By far the most sleek and sophisticated family car rental in Mexico, theNissan Platina is a must-rent for anyone planning a vacation with AGA Rent-A-Car! This stylish compact car is the perfect vehicle for friends and families looking to enjoy the Mexican countryside like a true local! Equipped with a powerful 1.6 liter engine, the Nissan Platina is one speedy vehicle designed to keep you caught up with the speed of life! The perfect sedan for traveling snow-birds, the Nissan Platina is one of the most popular car rentals in Mexico, so be sure to get your reservation in early to AGA Rent-A-Car! Whether you're planning on soaking up some sun in Los Mochis, or embarking on an adventure in Mazatlan, theNissan Platina is the car for you thanks to a dependable build and sturdy engine! Read on to learn a little more about the Nissan Platina, and then be sure to reserve yours today!

About the Nissan Platina
The Nissan Platina if the perfect vacation car rental in Mexico because it's equipped with plenty of trunk spaces and loads of great features! From adjustable seats to power windows, the Nissan Platina is an awesome rental vehicle for anyone looking to blaze a path during their upcoming Mexico getaway! Designed exclusively for the roads of Latin America, the Nissan Platina is an ultra-dependable four door sedan equipped for life in Mexico. Air conditioning is also an available feature on most Nissan Platina models, so be sure to contact an AGA Rent-A-Car representative for more information! With it's alluring design and functional engine, the Nissan Platina is bound to make and Mexican adventure a whole lot better, so go ahead and reserve yours today.

One Cool Car!
If you're looking for a car that's bound to get noticed during your upcoming Mexican vacation, be sure to reserve the Nissan Platina from AGA Rent-A-Car! This classy ride boasts and aerodynamically rounded exterior, along with advanced door molding and tire placement. The front of the Nissan Platina is defined by the dramatic front grille which features the Nissan logo and wonderfully contoured headlights. Built low to the ground for easy loading, the Nissan Platina also features a larger than average rear storage space, thanks to a large trunk and spacious backseat. Inside the Platina you'll find all the conveniences of your car back home, along with a few special Mexican designs, so go ahead and get comfortable! At approximately $24 a day the Nissan Platina is an affordable rental vehicle perfect for practically anyone including spring break vacationers and migrating retirees.

Things to Do in your Upcoming Nissan Platina Rental!
If you're interested in reserving the Nissan Platina as your upcoming car rental in Mexico, AGA Rent-A-Car suggests hitting up these local tourist attractions right off the bat!

1. Shopping the Old Mazatlan area! The city of Mazatlan is overflowing with exciting retail opportunities including authentic Mexican souvenir and unique collectibles. If you're planning on reserving the Nissan Platina car rental AGA recommends checking out some of the wonderful shops located in the downtown historical section of Mazatlan! You'll be able to pick up all sorts of interesting trinkets with all the money you saved by renting with AGA - plus you'll have plenty of space to safely store your collectibles in the back of your Nissan Platina!
2. Surfing in Culiacan! If you love the water, you'll definitely want to take your upcoming Platina car rental to the beaches of Culiacan! Surfing is second nature here so take a moment to watch the pros as they hang ten! Then why not invite a few of the locals to go for a ride in your Mexican car rental!

If the Nissan Platina car rental in Mexico isn't really the right vehicle for you, don't worry! AGA Rent-A-Car has a variety of economy, mid-sized, full-size and even extended van rentals available so please take a moment to browse the selections of AGA car rentals in Mexico. AGA us positive that you'll find something that's perfect for your upcoming vacation!

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