Rent a Car in Mexico and the Nizuc Waterpark

Nizuc Waterpark is located in Cancun. This family-friendly waterpark is a great outing for the whole family with your rent a car Mexico. Located on eighteen acres in Cancun's hotel zone, there are attractions for all ages. Some of the great attractions here include waterslides, dolphin swims, and much more.

Kamikaze your way down
Nizuc Waterpark has a few thrilling waterslides that you will not want to miss with your rent a car Mexico. You can try the Kamikaze waterslides and feel the rush as you race down the slide as if falling through thin air. There is also the dizzying Twister that will have you going in circles. The Double Space Bowl will also have you spinning as you shoot 30 miles per hour into a waiting pool of water where you will spin in circles.

Just laying around
Not to worry, there are also more relaxing rides for the not-so-adventurous. You can try the Lazy River, taking you around the entire park. There are four entrances to the Lazy River, so you can float your way to the next ride.

There is also a Kids Park for small children to enjoy. There are water toys that will keep children having fun and safe for hours before leaving in your rent a car Mexico. Trained lifeguards can be found here to keep an eye on the kids.

Make your dreams come true
Another very popular attraction at Nizuc Park is the swim with the dolphins program. At the Atlantida animal research center you can have the opportunity to experience this almost surreal swim with dolphins and sea lions. You will be in the water with these harmless creatures as well as a trained instructor.

Plan your trip
Making the trip to Nizuc Waterpark with your rent a car Mexico is easy. Included in the price of admission is round-trip transportation from your hotel (Cancun Palace, Sun Palace, Beach Palace, Moon Palace Resort, Aventura Spa Palace, Xpu-Ha Palace, and Playacar Palace), entrance to the waterpark, and rides and activities. The Swim with the Dolphins is available to an extra fee, as well as lockers, towels, inner tubes, and food and drinks. Make sure you book early as this is a popular family destination!

Nizuc Waterpark is a great family destination with your rent a car Mexico. From speeding down a straight drop, to twisting down the slides, you are sure to have fun here for the day. There are also more relaxing activities here such as the Lazy River, swimming with dolphins, and a kids water play area that make this a worthwhile trip.

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