Oaxaca Dining and Mexico Rent a Car

Visit anywhere in Oaxaca and you will find an abundance of tasty specialties that you won't be able to find anywhere else in the world. Oaxaca has many places to dine whether you're looking for traditional fare or something more innovative. Many visitors come to Oaxaca just for the food! With its distinctive cuisine, flavorful moles and fresh herbs, quesillo and mezcal it's not hard to see why. Get your taste buds ready for a wild adventure with your Mexico rent a car.

For those starting out
Como Agua pa Chocolate, is a popular restaurant with tourists. In addition to the traditional Mexican foods, you can find some innovative dishes. For those inexperienced in Mexican cuisine when traveling with your Mexico Rent a Car, beginners should probably try out the Botana Oaxaquena, a mix of traditional delicacies, including strips of grilled beef (tasajo) and pork (cecina), sausage links (chorizo) and several kinds of cheese, including queso and quesillo. You may also fi.nd some tamales, chiles rellenos and memelas. This dish is also typically served with grasshoppers.

For a quick bite
For fast and friendly service you should definitely visit Comala with your Mexico rent a car. Their tasty lunch specials have both locals and tourists coming back for more. Their seafood specials for lunch with fresh fish purchased in the morning at the Central de Abastos is a must try. Los Pacos is also another great place to check out, make sure you order their mole sample so that you can try out all of Oaxaca's seven moles. Los Pacos is located on Abasolo 121..

Eating like the locals do
In addition to the local fruits and vegetables, street food is fast, cheap and readily available on the streets of Oaxaca. From hot dogs to grilled corn, most street food can be purchase for less than a dollar. Some of the best tacos al pastor comes from these small out of the way restaurants at low prices to beat as well. A Oaxaca breakfast specialty are eggs poached in a chili tomato soup, a nutritious and delicious way to begin the morning. If you're looking for a restaurant, drop by El Teatro Culinario, the chef works with only local ingredients to make extraordinary meals. The Temple is also a great place for traditional Oaxacan food.

Washing it all down
There are several popular local drinks including those made with water, sugar and a flavoring such as aguamiel (honey water), trocitos de melón (melon), horchata (rice), tuna batida (cactus fruit shake), and nuez (nuts) as well as local fruits such as chilacayota and guanábana. You also must try the drink of the gods when you travel with your Mexico Rent a Car. Also known as tejate, it can be found in nearby Tlacolula and Ejutla where it is prepared with corn, cacao, cacao flower and the seed of the mamey fruit. For those travelers looking for something a little bit stronger, look no further than the mescal (derived from agave) the go to alcoholic beverage of the locals.

Chocolate lovers rejoice
Chocolate has long been important in the history of Mexico. In the addition of it being used in Mexican cuisine it has also historically been used as medicine and cacao seeds were used as money. The chocolate from Oaxaca is distinct in that it is flavored with cinnamon, almonds, and sugar, and is usually prepared with hot water or milk. The best producer is Chocolate El Mayordormo, you will be able to find several outlets in various parts of Mexico when you visit with your Mexico rent a car.

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