Car Rentals Mexico and the Old Spanish Fort

If you're looking to mix leisure with history during your upcoming AGA Car Rentals Mexico vacation, look no further than the Old Spanish Fort located within minutes of the Zona Dorada (Golden Zone) of downtown Mazatlan. A popular haven for surfers and sunbathers alike, the Old Spanish Fort is one of the city's oldest historical monuments, enticing tourists with its invasion-era cannon and breathtaking views. Known as Los Pinos by local residents and seasoned travelers, the Old Spanish Fort is currently home to one of Mazatlan's most vibrant beach atmospheres, attracting thousands of Mexico vacationers each and every season. Whether you're looking to learn a little bit about the city's early history, or simply kick back and enjoy an afternoon of soothing sunshine, the Old Spanish Fort in Mazatlan is the perfect place to jump-start any AGA Car Rentals Mexico vacation!

Located between the Old Mazatlan neighborhood and the Playa Norte beach, the Old Spanish Fort is one of the city's most prominent surfing locales, providing seasoned boarders with tons of world-class waves and wicked winds. Numerous other water sports are also offered along this stretch of snow white beach including windsurfing, scuba diving, snorkeling and waterskiing. Bathing beauties can also take advantage of the Fort's fantastic beach, which features miles of pristine power-like sand. Adventurous customers of AGA Car Rentals Mexico are also encouraged to climb to the top of Old Spanish Fort, home to the El Mirador Restaurant and the Los Pinos' historic cannon. (To learn more about the El Mirador Restaurant and the neighboring El Mirador Mountain please visit AGA Car Rentals Mexico Lookout Mountain travel guide resource page). Customers of AGA Car Rentals Mexico often climb the mountain in order to get a better view of the surround landscape, as well as to take pictures of the historically significant Spanish cannon.

A Brief History of the Fort
The Old Spanish Fort, historically known as the Fuerte Carranza, is famous not only for its stunning ocean view but also for its important role in local folklore and history. Located just west of the city's downtown sector, the Fuerte Carranza is Mazatlan's last remaining 19th century army reserve, as well as one of the city's most prominent lookout facilities. Built during the 1860's in responds the French invasion, the Fuerte Carranza is currently the only place where you can see the three surrounding coastal islands all a the same time.

Hot Accommodations and Cool Entertainment!
The area around the Old Spanish Fort is practically overrun with fantastic ocean-side accommodation options, as well as a wide variety of top-notch dining and boutique shopping establishments. Located just minutes from the Golden Zone and Old Mazatlan, the Old Spanish Fort provides travelers with a stunning array of beachside properties full of affordable amenities. Tons of exciting merchants can be found along the beach and at the Old Spanish Fort's base, so be sure to bring some extra spending money on your next AGA Car Rentals Mexico rent-a-car trip. Dedicated shoppers can also travel the short distance to the Golden Zone, the center of Mazatlan's tourism industry and fashion industry. Visitors to the Fort are also encouraged to take a walk down the coast to the nearby El Mirador Mountain, home to the famous Playa Olas Altas cliff divers. Seasoned divers often take to the rocky ledges of this mountain, somersaulting into the pounding surf. Some divers are even known to perform with torches after 7:00pm so remember to drop by after an afternoon at the Old Spanish Fort. AGA Car Rentals Mexico encourages travelers to reward these death-defying daredevils with small monetary donations – many of the divers perform for a living, entertaining the numerous tourists that visit the mountain each and everyday.

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