Mazatlan Mexico Discount Rental Cars and Palladium, Acapulco

Let your body groove to the music. As one of the world's most famous discos, the Palladium always has a hip and stylish crowd. As the music goes up and the lights flash around you, let yourself go and dance the night away. When you travel with AGA Mazatlan Mexico discount car rentals, get into the Palladium for a night you won't soon forget. Located on the Las Brisas Hillside, the Palladium towers over Acapulco. Grab your friends and get to the Palladium with Mazatlan Mexico discount car rentals.

Soar over Acapulco
When you visit the Palladium, it's as if you're soaring over the city itself. Featuring a 162-foot bay window, Palladium offers a unique nightclub experience unparalleled in North America. As you dance and drink with friends, soak up the breathtaking views of Acapulco Bay. For more information about the club feel free to call +52 (744) 446-5490 or you can ask the friendly staff at AGA Mazatlan Mexico Discount Car Rentals.

Set the dance floor on fire…literally
If you want to be a part of the 'it' crowd, hit the dance floor at Palladium. Some of the worlds top DJs play at Palladium with a cast of approximately 15 DJs calling the club home. As well, some of the world's best-known celebrities frequent the club. Feel the beat and let loose as the lights and sounds take over. At 4:00am every night, the famous silver fire dancer graces the dance floor. Stick around; this is one show you won't see anywhere else. When you travel with AGA Mazatlan Mexico Discount Car Rentals, enjoy the heat of the Mexico sun and of the Palladium dance floors.

A small price to pay
At most Acapulco bars, you'll be forced to pay a very large cover charge as well as for your drinks. When you visit the Palladium, you're only required to pay a $20-$40 cover charge. After that, your drinks are included for the entire night. The cover charge for women is typically less than for men. Not to worry, by traveling with AGA Mazatlan Mexico Discount Car Rentals, you'll have saved enough money to pay your way in. Doors open at 10:30pm and don't close until around 4 am. Arrive in style with Mazatlan Mexico Discount Car Rentals and party the night away.

Beware of the line
If you're looking to walk right into the Palladium, plan to arrive early. The Palladium is infamous for lines that will usually keep you waiting no less than 30 minutes. Once you're inside though, it will all seem worthwhile. The Palladium is one of Mexico's best discos and is world renowned for being loud and lively. You'll see fire dancers, special events, talented DJs, beautiful people, and the silver man. As well, once a night there is a shower of sparks that rains down over the Palladium's 162-foot bay window. The atmosphere inside the Palladium is unbeatable. To find out more about this outrageous club, visit the Palladium's official website at

As the ball drops, the music goes up
Don't know what you're doing for New Years Eve? Look no further, the Palladium is the place to be and offers the party of the year. Featuring special celebrity guests and musicians, the Palladium offers an all night party you won't forget. Book your hotel and Mazatlan car rental early. As the ball drops, let your cares drift away and dance like there is no tomorrow. AGA Mazatlan Mexico Discount Car Rentals reminds you to plan ahead and choose a designated driver. The Palladium is only a short taxi drive or walk from many of Acapulco's best hotels. This New Years Eve, party with the Palladium and AGA Mazatlan Mexico Discount Car Rentals.

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