Parque Sinaloa Los Mochis

Parque Sinaloa is found in the Los Mochis region of Mexico. Downtown, you can find Parque Sinaloa, where you can escape from your car rental Mazatlan Mexico for a while. This is a thickly forested park with a golf course, hotels, and excellent restaurants that specialize in seafood dishes. Hunters like to go just outside the town with their car rental Mazatlan Mexico to hunt white winged pigeon.
Parque Sinaloa is found in an area that was once known as "Colonia Americana", or the American residential district because the architecture is similar to that which was typical in the United States. The brick houses here have porches and yards on all four sides of the house, which is not characteristic of houses in Mexican cities. As you drive through the area in your car rental Mazatlan Mexico you may almost forget where you are.

Los Mochis
The Fuerte River is the lifeblood for the region, supplying water to the agricultural land all over Los Mochis. Most of the land here is flat with fields, but near the end of the marshes there is a deep green piece of land that unfolds into mangroves, bushes, and trees, from which there are lagoons and estuaries that go to the sea. Be careful in these parts when you leave your car rental Mazatlan Mexico: there are yellow crocodiles here that live in the water. Tours are available with trained guides to see these reptiles and learn more about the vegetation here.

An interesting start
The area of Los Mochis got its unique start as a utopian socialist community started by Albert K. Owen, a civil engineer from the United States. The community failed after 30 years, but many other business people came to the area and established it as a community.

A unique adventure
There are many adventures for you to choose from when you are visiting the area with your car rental Mazatlan Mexico, but one idea you may want to consider is an eco-adventure. There are many boat tours that will take you out to the Sea of Cortez where you can watch dolphins swim by or sea lions lounge in the bay. There are also guided tours of Los Mochis itself, where you can learn more about how this interesting city got its start. You will better understand the town you are staying in as you drive around in your car rental Mazatlan Mexico.
This area of Mexico is one of the most breathtaking areas of the country, especially if you travel a little farther north on the Chihuahua al Pacifico Railroad. The area is great for hiking, trekking, fishing, bird watching, river rafting, and much more. You can start you adventure right in Parque Sinaloa, where you can stroll down the heavily forested paths and visit the attractions here.

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