Pichiguila Hunting Club

Pichiguila Hunting Club is called North America's "ultimate" wild duck hunting experience. Found on 100,000 acres of land near Culiacán, Mexico, this location offers one of the most unique and diverse environments for this activity. There are over 14 species of wild duck that are native and migrant in the area, including pintail, cinnamon, blue-winged teal, green-winged teal, fulvous, and black-bellied whistling duck.
Pichiguila is located just outside Culiacán and it is easy to get to with a car rental in Mexico. This world class club opened in 1968 and guarantees complete satisfaction to the sportsmen who come for the duck and dove shooting that Pichiguila is known for, offering privacy and comfort on your trip. They also offer an exclusive club, the best guides, 10 airboats, world class accommodations and cuisine, great amenities, bird processing, gun cleaning, permits and licenses, and ammunition.

Spectacular Hunting at Northwest Mexico's Oldest Club
Two campsites are offered at Pichiguila, Northwest Mexico's oldest hunting club, once you get here with your car rental in Mexico. The campsites are surrounded by fields of corn, sunflower, and sesame. These plants attract doves to the area, allowing the club to offer you extensive dove shooting areas.
Morning duck shoots and afternoon dove shoots are organized for private parties of no more than 8 hunters in the North Camp and 6 hunters in the South Camp. The club offers limited space for hunting, so you want to be sure to call ahead before coming with your car rental in Mexico to ensure hunting is available for you. An airboat will take you to the blind, where railed platforms provide you with an area to hunt without having to wade in the water. This is a very comfortable experience for all hunters. Hunting season runs from early November until the first week of March.
Most people opt for a three-day hunt with three duck shoots in the morning and two afternoon dove hunts. The paths that take you to the blinds are themselves interesting, as the reed was cleared using hand tools to guarantee the best hunting experience. If you do not want to do the afternoon dove shoot, there is an alternative eco-tour offered by the club. An airboat will take you through the mangrove swamps to see the millions of waterfowl in the bay, as well as give you the opportunity to see other native wildlife species that reside here. This eco-tour is also offered to non hunters who wish to see the natural setting here before leaving with your car rental in Mexico. This eco-tour is a great experience, especially for nature-lovers.

The Fun Doesn't End After the Hunt
After the hunt takes place, there is still plenty of ways to relax at Pichiguila. The Hunting Club offers four luxury bungalows with ensuite bathrooms. The bungalows have modern amenities and are very comfortable, offering you a place to unwind after the hunt and enjoy the view of the lagoon. These are very popular and need to be booked well in advance.
There is also hotel accommodations available in Culiacán, only 19 miles from Pichiguila Hunting Club with a car rental in Mexico. While there are number of hotels to choose from in the area, the Hunting Club recommends Los Tres Rios Hotel, Lucerna Hotel and Microtel for their comfort and amenities that hunters there enjoy.

Important Information
When traveling to Pichiguila to hunt with your car rental in Mexico, you will want to be sure to read the important tips offered by the Hunting Club on their website at http://www.pichiguila.com/accommodations.html. Hunters are required to have a gun permit and a Sinaloa Hunting License, which can be provided by the club upon request. You will also want to wear appropriate clothing when hunting and comfortable footwear.

Happy hunting!

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