Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens

The Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens is a place where visitors can enjoy nature along the Pacific coastline. It is located on Highway 200 between Puerto Vallarta and El Tuito with your car rental Los Mochis. The gardens here contain both native and non-native collections of orchids, palms, ferns, and cactus that you can explore on walking paths. As well, there is swimming in the Crystal Pools of the Los Horcones River. You can also explore the tropical mountain forest.

An adventure from the start
When you visit with your car rental Los Mochis, you will need to keep your eyes on the road! To get here, you will come along the Pacific Coastline, up into the mountains through the jungle. You may come across free range cattle and fallen rocks in the roadway. Once you get here, the first thing that you will come across is the Hacienda de Oro Restaurant and Visitors Centre, which is the centre of the gardens. There is also a nursery area for plants, trails through the property, and much more. When you visit with your car rental Los Mochis, be sure to check out the Blue Agave Hills area. This area is being rebuilt with native tabbies, mountain pine, and mahogany after being deforested 30 years ago. There is also the Mexican Oak Collection, , which is native to the area, as well as the Puerto Vallarta Orchid Society.

Go for a hike
For those who are active, a hike in the private forest reserve may be an interesting thing to do. There is hiking for all fitness levels through the meadows, forest glades, Indian rock carvings, orchids, and birds galore. They offer a four hour hike with a guide, as well as a picnic or lunch at the Plantation House Restaurant when you visit with your car rental Los Mochis. This tour costs US $85 per person. They also offer bird watching tours with lunch as well for the same price.

Grab a bite while you are here
The Hacienda de Oro Restaurant is a great place to stop when you visit with your car rental Los Mochis. They feature salads, wood-oven baked pizza, calzones, and Mexican specialties. They also feature a full cocktail bar and wine list, but make sure that you have a designated driver for your car rental Los Mochis. From the visitors centre, you can also arrange self-guided and guided tours of the area and make a stop at the gift shop.

How to get here
Puerto Vallarta Botanical Garden is located about 24 miles, or 30 minutes, south of Puerto Vallarta on Highway 200. This is the only road that goes south of Puerto Vallarta, so you can't miss it with your car rental Los Mochis. Alternatively, you can take the bus at the corner of Carranzas and Aguacate in the Romantic Zone, which leaves every half hour for El Tuito. The bus costs about 15 pesos each way. Taxis will cost about US $20.

What you need
When you visit the Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens with your car rental Los Mochis, you will need to bring along your camera for some amazing pictures both along the way and at the gardens of the rich vegetation. You will also want to wear comfortable walking shoes for the day and bring sunscreen. You may also want to bring some money for lunch and drinks, as outside food and drinks are not permitted here. You may also want to check with your hotel concierge to see if they offer any tours of the gardens for a reduced fee, which often includes transportation there.

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