Retire in Mazatlan

When you visit with your cheap car rental Mazatlan, you may find that this is a great place to visit and may even consider moving here full time or part time after retirement. More and more people are choosing to retire in Mexico. And why not? The weather is great, there are many things to do here, and you can reduce your living expenses significantly from living expenses in the United States. At the same time, they also have many of the conveniences that you will find at home in Mexico.

Where to live?
Mazatlan is becoming an increasingly popular place to retire, and real estate here is the least expensive of any resort destination in the country. When you are here with your car rental Mazatlan, you can check out some of the property that is available in the area. Whether you want to live here full time or part time, there are many affordable residential communities, beaches, golf courses, and a great climate that you can relax in. Many Canadians and Americans are choosing to move to the area, and there are real estate brokers that specialize in serving clientele from "north of the border" . They can help you find a home and manage the property when you are not here with your cheap rental car Mazatlan.

What is needed?
When you are here with your cheap rental car Mazatlan, you will learn that Mexico has a multi-layered immigration system. If you are staying for six months or less, the FM-T visa, or tourist visa, will allow you to stay in the country for 6 months at a time without having to leave. If you would like to stay longer than the six months, then you need to apply for the FM-3. In order to apply for this status, you must be 55 years old or older and also have the following:

• Completed FDN1/02 application for, which you can get from any Mexican consulate or Regional Immigration Office in Mexico.
• Original tourist visa, before it expires.
• Current passport.
• Copy of marriage certificate, if spouses are applying.
• Written proof from a U.S or Mexican bank that the equivalent of $1030 US is being deposited monthly into a bank account of the applicant. For each dependent, another $515 US must also be deposited. If you own property in Mexico, this amount is reduced by half. Be sure to check with the consulate as these numbers are set by the government and can fluctuate.

Fees must be paid to the Mexican Tax Department through a Mexican bank using Hacienda Form #5. One fee is approximately $35 US and the other approximately $90 US. The first is paid before you apply for your visa, and the second after you have applied and received a letter stating that your application has been received and is being processed.

Getting to know the area
When you are here with your rental car Mazatlan, you will find that the area is starting to rise in popularity. It is unlike many other cities in Mexico, it has the conveniences of a large city with the atmosphere of a small town. There are six thousand Americans and Canadians who have moved here full time, with thousands of snowbirds also coming for the winter. The area offers a relaxed lifestyle with an affordable cost of living. Only 45 minutes away are the colonial villages in the Sierra Madres where you can avoid the summer heat.

When you are here with your cheap car rental Mazatlan, you will find that this city can be a great place to retire. While this will take some planning, you can easily and affordably live in this city year-round or part time.

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