Mexico Car Hire and Road Trip to Mexico

Imagine that it is almost summertime and you and your friends want to go somewhere on vacation. You figure that you might as well get away for a week or two now, before all your work starts back up again and now that you have some spare time. You decide to plan the perfect trip for you and your friends for this once in a lifetime experience. The only thing you need to decide on is where you will actually go. There are so many places in the world, so many things to see and not enough time to do everything you want to do. After some hard deliberating, you settle on going to Mexico City. A road trip to Mexico City would be a great way to start off your summer vacation, Mexico car hire customers.

Pay attention to the history
Mexico City is at the geographical, cultural and political heart of Mexico. Mexicans call their capital "el DF" and every day, thousands of tourists come to visit this unique place. There is a mountain range that surrounds Mexico City and has a very warm climate all year round. If you are planning on checking this out, the best times to go are October through April. There are so many things to see and do in Mexico City that you will never have a dull moment, Mexico car hire customers.

Take a step back in time
One of the most popular attractions in Mexico City is the Teotihuacán Pyramids. You can have the chance to climb the Pyramids of the Sun and the Moon and find ancient Aztec treasures. You can also see the Butterfly Temple and the Avenue of the Dead if you choose to participate in this tour. It is a long tour, lasting 7 hours, but it is well worth your while. It will cost you $40 per person in US dollars but this is one thing you don't want to miss out on Mexico car hire vacationers.

Dance your way to the top
Another great event to enjoy on your trip to Mexico City is the Folkloric Ballet. Lasting for 3 hours, you can pay $74 (USD) to see true brilliance at work. The dancers parade around the stage in their magnificent costumes and the songs and dances are something to be marveled at. It has been called the "Best Dance Show of the World in Mexico" and it happens right in the Palace of Fine Arts or the Hidalgo Theatre. For an artistic experience that will leave you breathless, check out the ballet on your Mexico car hire vacation.

Do some learning along the way
If you want to have an educational opportunity on your Mexico car hire trip, visit the Xochimilco. You can learn about the history of an agricultural area in the south of Mexico City, called Xochimilco. As you float along the gardens in a flat-bottomed boat, you can travel through the canal system that once fed the entire Aztec capital. You can also have the chance to go to the National University of Mexico. This outdoor gallery of arts and sculptures was founded way back when. These tours are only $36 and last up to 6 hours combined.

Food, fun and friends
If you are planning a road trip to Mexico City, the possibilities are endless. There is so much to do that you might just want to come back again. There are great hotels to stay in, a nightlife like no other and dining that will leave you feeling satisfied. On your upcoming Mexico car hire vacation, Mexico City is definitely the place to visit for a pleasurable time with friends or family.

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