Car Rental in Mexico and Road Trip to Teotihuacan

Teotihuacan is a large archaeological site in the Basin of Mexico with some of the largest pyramids built in pre-Columbian America that you can visit with your car rental in Mexico. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Teotihuacan is known for its large residential complexes, "Street of the Dead", and well-preserved murals.

Go waaayyy back
The early history of Teotihuacan is mysterious and the origin of its founders is still debated. It was believed to be built by the Toltec based on period texts such as the Florentine Codex. However, the Nahuatl word "Toltec" generally means "craftsman of the highest level" and may not refer to the civilization centered at Tula. In the Late Formative Period, a number of urban centers arose in central Mexico. There was a prominent settlement on the southern shore of Lake Texcoco, but a volcanic eruption may have prompted mass emigration and may have also founded or accelerated the growth of Teotihuacan. While there is still much debate about its origins, the culture and architecture of Teotihuacan was influenced by the Olmec, considered to be the "mother civilization" of Mesoamerica.

See a city at its peak
When you visit with your car rental in Mexico you may learn that the city reached its peak between 150 and 450 when it was the center of a powerful culture that extended through Mesoamerica. At its height, the city covered over 11.5 square miles and probably housed about 150,000 people, but maybe up to 250,000. Notably absent are fortifications and military structures around the city. The city was a center of industry and home to many potters and craftsmen, who produced a great number of obsidian artifacts.

Rise and fall
Of course, the city eventually fell. It is believed that the city was sacked and burned by invaders in the 7th or 8th century, possibly the Toltecs. It has also been correlated with droughts, which is supported by evidence in the rise of the number of juvenile skeletons with evidence of malnutrition during the 6th century.

Stroll along the ancient avenues
When you visit with your car rental in Mexico, you can travel up the city's central avenue, called "Avenue of the Dead". It has impressive ceremonial architecture, including the immense Pyramid of the Sun (the second largest in the New World). There are smaller talud-tablero platforms, which the Aztecs believed were tombs, giving the street its name. They are now known to be ceremonial that were topped with temples. Down the road is the Citadel, with the ruined Temple of the Feathered Serpent. This was the religious and political center of the city.

When you visit with your car rental in Mexico you will see one of the greatest historical site in Mexico.

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