Car Rentals Mexico and Ruins of Nio Guasave

The legends of the Ruins of Nio Guasave are well-known in the area of Sinaloa. While you are visiting with your Mazatlan car rental, you will learn much about the history of the area, which is still largely traditional. The ruins of Nio have amazing sculptures and a legend to match.

The legend begins...
Guasave was once an important stop for missionaries in the area. The Jesuit Missions date back to the 17th century. From this part of its history, you can see "Our Lady of Rosario Sanctuary" and "the Heroes of Sinaloa Auditorium", which was the site of cultural events for the missions.

Have fun in the sun
Some of the main attractions in the area are: Rosario Church, Auditorio Heroes de Sinaloa, Presidencia Municipal, Ruinas de Pueblo Viejo, Ruinas de Nio, Tamazula, Bahia de Navachiste, Bahia de San Ignacio, Las Gloias, Rio Sinaloa, and Uyaki Lagoon. All are very accessible with your Mazatlan car rental while you are visiting the area.

Nearby the City of Guasave is Las Glorias Beach, only 36 kilometers from the city with your Mazatlan car rental. Located on the Sea of Cortes, this is a beautiful beach to spend the day. This area is famous for its charcoal broiled fish. Boca de Rio, Chamicari and Uyaqui are also nearby and ideal from hunting Canadian duck, quail, white wing dove and other fowl species.

Make your visit comfortable
One of the recommended hotels is El Sembrador in downtown Guasave, which rooms go for about $50 per night. There are three other hotels in the area as well: Del Rosario de Guasave, San Enrique Motel, and Trebel Park. Compared to the rates of hotels in the United States, these are a bargain! Staying here with your Mazatlan car rental is relaxing and wont cost you too much.

Visiting Sinaloa with your Mazatlan car rental
There are many other places to visit with your Mazatlan car rental while you are in the area near Guasave. Sonora, Chihuahua, Durango, and Nayarit border the region. It also lies on the pacific Ocean and the Gulf of California (or Sea of Cortez). The region is known in Mexico for its agriculture and sizable fishing fleets. One of the interesting things about the area is that it is the only place on the continent where an ancient ball game from Mesoamerica is still played. When you visit with your Mazatlan car rentals you too may have a chance to see this game you can't see anywhere else.

While not much is known about the Ruins of Nio, there are interesting legends that the local peoples can tell you while you visit with your Mazatlan car rental. There are many other interesting things to do in the city as well as the region while you are here.

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