Autos en Culiacan and Santa Rosalia

Head north during your upcoming autos en Culiacan vacation to discover one of Mexico's best kept secrets -Santa Rosalia. Located in an arroyo or dry river bed, this unique destination is home to a thriving culture and bustling tourist industry. This quite town has a population of 14,000 people and is notable for its manmade harbor and prolific mining history. Customers of AGA Autos En Culiacan are encouraged to visit this destination as an extension of the California Baja vacation.

A mind for mining
The town of Santa Rosalia served as the center for copper mining in Mexico for many years. In fact, a French company by the name of Compania de Boleo obtained a 99-year lease on mines during the 1800s. Mexican President Porfirio Diaz granted the lease to a German shipping company originally, which sold the mining operation to the Rothschild operated Compania. Operations began in 1885 and continued until 1954.During this time, the city of Santa Rosalia slowly materialized, first as a place for the miners to live and then as a place for their families to grow. Today, customers of AGA Autos En Culiacan will find a wide selection of businesses and services within the town.

Can you feel the French influence?
It isn't very often that you think of France while vacationing in Mexico, but that's exactly the case in Santa Rosalia. The French influence of the Rothschild Family and the Compania is apparent everywhere in the city, especially in the colonial-style wooden houses. The French also brought over thousands of Asian workers to operate the mines during the 19th century, and many of their descendents still live in the area. Customers of AGA Autos En Culiacan are encouraged to travel to the northern Mesa Francia where they'll get a great view of the houses built by French mining administrations. There is also a museum and a number of historic buildings worth visiting in this area.

Highlights of the area
Want to eat at the best bakery in the Baja? Then look no further than El Boleo, located on Avenida Obregon at Calle 4. This busy establishment has been making French baguettes since the late 1800s, as well as pitahaya, a dense sweetbread stuffed with almond paste. These delectable treats are available during store hours, from 8am to 9pm Monday to Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 2pm. Another great attraction worth checking out in your AGA Autos En Culiacan vehicle rental is the Iglesia de Santa Barbara. This structure is made of galvanized steel and was designed by Gustave Eiffel (yes, the same Eiffel responsible for the Eiffel Tower). This structure was built in 1889 for the Paris World Expo, where it was intended to be displayed as a prototype for a prefab mission building. The concept was never fully realized as Eiffel focused his energies on the Tower. The church was packed into a warehouse in Brussels. It was later transported to Santa Rosalia in 1897. Don't let the dreary exterior fool you. Inside are in tricate stained-glass windows.

The City of Santa Rosalia is an amazing place to visit, what with its wooden saloons, wraparound verandas and seemingly out-of-place mining estates. Customers of AGA Autos En Culiacan are encouraged to take a walk around the Plaza Benito Juarez before stopping in at the Palacio Municipal pr the Biblioteca Mahatma Gandhi. These unique attractions make for quite the unconventional vacation, so what are you waiting for? Santa Rosalia is also a great gateway community, thanks to the manmade harbor located at its center. Here, customers of AGA Autos En Culiacan can hop on the Ferry and head to Guaymas for an afternoon of outdoor fun.

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