Car Rentals Mazatlan and Shopping in Mazatlan

If you're planning on visiting Mazatlan on an upcoming vacation, be sure to bring plenty of pesos! Mazatlan is Mexico's premier shopping center, providing visitors with tons of exciting retail and vendor opportunities. From souvenirs and piñatas to liquor and medicine, Mazatlan has everything you need to make your upcoming vacation great! Most stores in the area are open Monday through Saturday from 9 or 10 AM to 6 or 8PM, so be sure to swing by in your upcoming Mazaltan rent-a-car (renta de autos Mazatlan). Hardly any of the shops or vendors close down for lunch, so go ahead and shop all day! Old Mazatlan and the Golden Zone are two of the city's top retail locations, as well as the large la Gran Plaza shopping mall. Shopping is a huge industry in the city, so be sure to round up some fellow renters of cars in Mazatlan (arrendadoras de autos Mazatlan) and hit the shops! Fine jewelry and t-shirts are abundant in the area, so don't forget to purchase a souvenir soon!

La Gran Plaza
The main shopping center in Mazatlan is located within the Golden Zone and is called La Gran Plaza. Over 120 stores are located within this gigantic commercial center, providing customers with a variety of exciting products and services. Leather items, travel agencies and even book stores are located within the mega-mall, so be sure to check it out in your upcoming Mazatlan rent-a-car (renta de autos Mazatlan). This shopping center features a very Americanized feel, so don't expect to find any small town peddlers or street side vendors.

The Golden Zone Central Market
If you're looking to do some major shopping during your upcoming vacation to Mexico, look no further then the Golden Zone of Mazatlan. The Golden Zone is crawling with exciting retail outlet specializing in practically everything, so be sure to stop by and check it out with some fellow travelers and renters of cars in Mazatlan (arrendadoras de autos Mazatlan). Shops in the Golden Zone cater to tourists, providing them wit ha variety of exciting souvenirs like art, crafts, jewelry and clothing. A wide selection is often available so be sure to take your time when browsing! A great selection of handcrafted items from all over Mexico can often be found at the Mazatlan Arts and Crafts Center on Ave. Rodolfo T. Loaiza, while the neighboring Sea Shell City outlet offers tons of unique gift ideas. Tasteful jewelry can be found at the Gallery Michael, Pardo Jewellers and Rubio Jewellers. Remember – all diamonds are tax free in Mexico, so go ahead and splurge during your upcoming Mazatlan rent-a-car (renta de autos Mazaltan) vacation!

Old Mazatlan Area Shopping
If you're looking for a taste of traditional Mexico, look no further than the vendors of the Mercado del Centro in old Mazatlan. Here you will find a truly unique shopping experience, featuring open-air food stalls and unique exhibition spaces. Whether you're looking for fresh foods, or collector's items, the Marcado del Centro is the place to be, so be sure to stop by early in your upcoming Mazatlan rent-a-car (renta de autos Mazatlan). Local crafts and produce are often peddled here by local farmers and artists, so please be courteous. Small galleries and intricate shops are also located throughout the Old Mazatlan area, along with a handful of exciting galleries featuring everything from paintings to sculptures and leather figurines.

AGA Rent-A-Car would like to thank you for making your Mazatlan car rental reservation (reservaciones de autos Mazatlan) and encourages you to get out and explore the city in your upcoming vehicle rental. All of the AGA Mazatlan rent-a-cars (renta de autos Mazatlan) are equipped with spacious trunks and backseats, so go ahead and shop to your hearts content during your upcoming vacation!

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