Car Hire Mexico and Sonora Fishing

Ready to reel in the fun during your upcoming car hire Mexico vacation? Then back up your AGA car rental and head to neighbouring Sonora State for some great sport fishing opportunities. Sonora is a fantastic place to cast your line for a number of reasons. Firstly, Sonora State has a privileged geographical location surrounded by the sea; secondly, the waters are thriving with hundreds of different type of sport fishing species, providing competitive anglers with outstanding odds. There's no better place to sharpen your fishing skills then aboard a Sonora charter, so pack up your tackle box and get ready for an unforgettable angling adventure.

A closer look at Sonora's fishing business
Sport fishing is big business in Sonora. In fact, car hire Mexico travelers should note that the fishing sector is one of the area's main generators of revenue. It isn't surprising then, that Sonora is one of Mexico's top sport fishing destinations. The success of this industry depends on three important ports in the state - Kino Bay, San Carlos and Rocky Point. Each provides car hire Mexico travelers with a slightly different fishing opportunity, making them all worthwhile angling destinations. Read on for a short synopsis of each destination:

• San Carlos: Known as "the jewel of the Sea of Cortes," San Carlos is without a doubt the main sport fishing destination in Sonora State. Cal, tempered waters provide ideal conditions, while the wonderful climate and modern infrastructure provides travelers with plenty of great vacation opportunities. Customers of AGA Car Hire Mexico will find two marinas in San Carlos, including more than 700 boat slots. And of course, who could forget the more than 800 different varieties of marine species that thrive beneath the waters' surface.
• Rocky Point: Car hire Mexico travelers will uncover more than 100 kilometres of propitious beaches within the Rocky Point area of Sonora. Located on one of the world's great gulfs, Rocky Point provides anglers with a great biodiversity of marine species, as well as stunning natural landscape and ocean views. The ideal place to fish in the Rocky Point area is on Saint George Island, located right next to the archipelagos located just outside of Saint George Bay. Here you'll find healthy species like cochito, lenguado, cabrilla and enormous la pescada, which can often weigh more than 540 kilograms.
• Kino Bay: Fishing is a year-round pleasure at Kino Bay, thanks to calm waters brimming with a full variety of marine life. There are plenty of facilities in the area catering to fishermen as well, including boat rental centers and tackle shops.

Information on Sonora State fishing permits
Before you hit the waters of Sonora State, remember to pick up a State Fish and Water fishing permit. Currently, car hire Mexico travelers can only purchase permits through this organization. For more information, car hire Mexico travelers can log onto for more details. You can also contact the cub delegation of fishing in Sonora at 01 (662) 222-2676. Their offices are located at 375 Aquiles Sedan Avenue, second floor, Center of Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico.

The best time to fish
Customers of AGA Car Hire Mexico will find the best fishing in Sonora during the summer months. During this time you'll be able to catch everything from tuna to marlin. If you're vacationing during February, AGA recommends heading to Rocky Point where you'll find plenty of snapper and pargo. Looking to real in some big game? Then head to Kino Bay for a year-round chance at Giant Squid. Other commonly caught species include sierra, pinto bass, grouper, sailfish and whitefish. Both trawling and deep-water fishing are permitted in most Sonora area fishing hotspots.

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