Car Rental in Mexico and Sonora State

Are you ready for a car rental in Mexico-style road trip? Then grab your friends, load up the trunk and embark on a trip to Sonora State. Sonora State is located in northwest Mexico. It is the second largest state in land-mass in all of Mexico, and by far one of the best places to vacation in. Bordered by the United States to the north, Sinaloa State to the south, Chihuahua State to the east and the Gulf of California to the west, Sonora features easy access to some of Mexico's top attractions. Plus, its unique location makes Sonora a safe tourist's destination, as well as an environmentally complex one. From deserts to oceans, Sonora is the car rental in Mexico road trip destination.

Where too now?
Sonora State is a wonderful place to visit thanks to its numerous vacation destinations. From big city living to calm coastal cool, there's a little something for everyone in Sonora. Diversity of landscape and marked traditions help set each region apart from the next, while friendly locals can be found around every corner. The state itself can be divided into five distinct areas - Arizona's Neighbour, Missions & Ranches, Southern Heritage, Sonora Central and Sun& Sea. Each area boasts its own unique culture and roster of events. Major cities in each area include:

• Nogales Sonora in Arizona's Neighbour
• Cananea and Magdalena Sonora in Missions & Ranches
• Obregon City and Navojoa in Southern Heritage
• Hermosillo in Sonora Central
• Guaymas and San Carlos in Sun & Sea

Stay in style while vacationing in paradise
Five star resorts are easy to come by in Mexico, and the state of Sonora is no exception. Car rental in Mexico travelers should have no problem finding the perfect all-inclusive resort, provided they make reservations at least six weeks prior to their planned vacation. Sonora State is an extremely popular vacation destination all year round, so don't leave your planning to the last minute and expect to find anything available. PopularSonora State hotels include San Carlos Plaza Hotel & Resort, the Hotel Calle Grande Obregon and the Sea of Cortez Premiere Vacation Club.

Taste tradition in Sonora State
Cooking is one of the most important traditions in Sonora, so car rental in Mexico travelers can expect to find plenty of culinary creativity during your upcoming visit. A few staple dishes include Tamales (made of corn dough and filled with regional items), carne Asada (boneless chuck steak), and enchiladas (corn tortillas stuffed with cheese, beef or chicken). Car rental in Mexico travelers can also anticipate enjoying plenty of great soups during their stay in the state. Popular recipes include Gallina Pinta, Casserole and Cheese Cream. And who could forget about the drink! The most traditional beverage in all of Sonora is Bacanora, a type of tequila made from agave Pacifica, also called agave Yaquiana.

Important information to remember when traveling in Sonora
• What are the usual working hours in the state? Car rental in Mexico travelers should note that normal working hours are from 8am to 3pm Monday through Saturday for banks, and from 8am to 1pm and 2pm to 7pm for stores.
• Which currency is used in Sonora? How much is it worth? The peso is the official currency of Mexico and Sonora. It is worth approximately 11.52 pesos for one US dollar.
• Can I drink the water? Most of Sonora offers drinkable water. However, it's always best to be safe rather than sorry; drink boiled water or purchase bottled water from your resort.
• What are the taxes in Sonora? A number of taxes are in place in Sonora. These include a 15% + 2% lodging tax, a 15% restaurant tax, and a 15% store sales tax. When tipping, it is recommended that you provided at least 10%.

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