Car Rental Mexico and the Stone Island Tour

Stone Island (or the Isla de las Piedras in Spanish) is just one of 135 islands located in the Sea of Cortez. Overflowing with coconut trees and lush jungle, this island is a favorite resting place for sea lions during the months of November through until April, when their babies are born. Exciting tours of the Isla de las Piedras are available, thanks to a variety of boat operators and tour guides in the Mazatlan area, so be sure to check one out when driving your car rental in Mexico! These tours are all specifically designed to show travelers the beauty of Stone Island, while at the same time including a little history and a whole lot of fun! Tours to this Island are easy too book, so be sure to pick up your ticket before you getting sidetracked driving your car rental in Mexico! The following tour and itinerary is available from one of the local cruise lines; hopefully it will help give you an idea of what to expect during your upcoming Stone Island adventure!

A Leisurely Day on the Island
If you're looking for an afternoon of relaxation, you'll definitely want to check out the following itinerary from the Charters Mexico Catamaran Puesta de Sol, Mazatlan tour company!

• A 9:00 to 9:30am hotel pick-up (for those of you too tired to drive your car rental in Mexico!)
• Once aboard the catamaran you'll be treated to an hour long tour of the bay, providing visitors with wonderful views of the coast line.
• Once the tour is complete the catamaran will dock on Stone Island, allowing visitors and afternoon of beach activities and cool drinks! An exciting lunch menu will be served at 1:30pm.
• The catamaran will depart from Stone Island at 3:30pm, after 5 hours of exciting Atone Island fun! The cost for this afternoon of island fun is just $35 for adults and $22 for children under 11 years of age. Special rates are available for groups consisting of more than six passengers, and please note that a personalized itinerary can be created depending on your schedule!

The Do-It-Yourself Way
If you're looking to save some money during your upcoming trip to Mazatlan, AGA Rent-A-Car suggests planning your island escape without the help of a tour guide! The local Mazatlan ferry provides travelers with a quick boat ride across the sound, docking on Stone Island numerous times each day. For just $1 you can hop on this ferry and jet to Stone Island for the afternoon, minus the annoying tour guide and early morning wake up! Although this tour is super cheap at $1 per person, it will also lack the amenities of a chartered boat, so remember to pack your own drinks and snacks before parking your Mazatlan car rental and catching the ferry! If you're planning on traveling to Stone Island on your own make sure to check out some of the local bars and pubs located along the island. Life on the Isla de las Piedra is much slower compared to the Golden Zone of Mazatlan, so take a minute to switch out of warp-speed and prepare to enjoy the good life - Stone Island Style! Cold drinks will cost you anywhere from $0.60 to $1, but the conversation is always free!

Driving to Stone Island
Although called an "island" Stone Island is actually just a long peninsula located off the coast of Mazatlan. Therefore, Stone Island can easily be reached by chartered boat, water taxi, walking and in your Mazatlan car rental! Directions to the island are really quite simple - just head towards the airport and watch for a sign on the right hand side which reads Isla de Piedra. Turn right and you're on your way! Driving your car rental in Mexico has never been so easy!

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