Surfing in Mazatlan and Mazatlan Rental Cars

From the south coast to the north coast, Mazatlan is a great place to go surfing with your Mazatlan rental cars. Along the coast to the south of Acapulco are the surfing beaches of Puerto Escondido, the snorkeling, harbor beach of Puerto ngel, and the naturist beaches of Zipolite. To the north of Acapulco is the resort town of Ixtapa and the neighboring fishing town of Zihuatanejo. Further to the north are the wild and rugged surfing beaches of the Michoacn coast.

The best time to go
Surfing in Mazatln is always very good when you travel with your Mazatlan rental cars. The Pacific Ocean beaches get high waves especially during April to November. There are several good surf spots in Mazatln. By far the most popular one is Playa Bruja in the north of the city. There is a surf shop where you can rent boards on the otherwise quiet beach. There are also two good surf breaks near the downtown area, with several places to rent surfboards. Punta Camarn is yet another great surfing spot to try in Mazatln. If youre looking to surf in the winter with your Mazatlan rental cars your surfing options are a little less. A good winter spot is "Los Picos" in La Isla de la Piedra also called Stone Island which is a beach break with some great peaks.

Ready, set, go!
Mazatln has several prime locations where you can try out your surfing skills. The most popular spot, Playa Bruja is located to the North of the city. The waves easily reach heights of 8 to 10 feet. As this is a remote beach, when you go there with your Mazatlan rental cars you will find it fairly empty. Not only is the surf great, but the lack of vendors and crowds makes it even better. Another surfing location is right next to Valentino's (this is the largest landmark in the city). There are several places to rent boards right on the beach, however the waves are not nearly as good as Playa Bruja.

Catching the waves
When you travel with your Mazatlan rental cars remember to keep in mind that the surf in the state of Sinaloa is almost only lefts. Another place to check out is Punta Bonita (which is unfortunately slightly difficult to access) and Jacarandas. To catch some long right barrels, the beach breaks in Playa Ceuta is a good place to look.

Starting out
Anytime is a great time to surf with your Mazatlan rental cars. If its your first time there is no need to worry. Mazatlan has a wide variety of surfing schools located just about everywhere. Dont have your own board? Rental shops are also widely available. One great place to try out is the East Pacific Surf House, located just 400 meters behind the El Cid Marina harbor entrance. Services they provide include Personal transport to and from the airport, transportation to and from epic surf conditions, including the boat, complete vacation planning, air-conditioned, 4, 5 star room accommodations, seafood or sub buffets served up after surfing. East Pacific Surf House also has some excellent equipment including a large 37 foot boat (with a refrigerator) that can be used for kiteboarding and parasailing, Ford SUV, Chevy Suburban, and 4 Yamaha waverunners.

Surf camp
East Pacific Surf House also offers surf camp which includes rock climbing, panning for gold, hiking, golfing, deep sea fishing,

Before you go
For more information on surfing in Mazatlan with your Mazatlan rental cars check out their official website at

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